May is usually a pretty crazy month in terms of releases. And facing the already great months behind us, I was pretty stoked, but also afraid what those last weeks could possibly bring to the table. And damn, did May not disappoint.

The Physics House Band – Death Sequence

May 3 // Unearthly Vision

Even a tiny bit of TPHB is something which makes a month significantly better.

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Greens – Greens

May 3 // Five Kill Records

Why was no one talking about this release? I understand that it is “just” an EP, but a wonderful, rich and powerful one. Those songs are anthems of intimacy.


Mireplaner – A Mountain Of Saola Hooves

May 3 // Unsigned

Balance is key. Be an elegant steamroller. Like Mireplaner.

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Snooze – Familiaris

May 3 // Unsigned

A bit stale on the paper, but executed with tons of charisma and joy. Great math rock.

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Snow Ghosts – A Quiet Ritual

May 3 // Hundstooth

Wonderfully textured, rich soundscapes. One of the most captivating releases of the year!

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Elis Noa – Love Letters

May 3 // LasVegas Records

Fantastic indie pop gem!


Rhiannon Giddens – there is no Other

May 3 // Nonesuch

Fucking magic.


Club Kuru – Meet Your Maker

May 3 // Dog Holiday Records

Creative neo psych with great sense for songwriting and sound.

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NYT LIV – Ensomhedens Kolda Kald

May 3 // Indisciplinarian

One of the best hardcore records of the year.

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Hualun – wʌndərlænd + 2

May 3 // 宇宙兄弟公司/Katuktu Collective

Awesome post rock/experimental band from China. New version of the 2018 release with an extra song.


Tōth – Practice Magic And Seek Professional Help When Necessary

May 10 // Northern Spy Records

Incredibly delicate and wonderful. I wanna build a house in this record.

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We Never Learned To Live – The Sleepwalk Transmission

May 10 // Holy Roar Records

WNLTL have made some impressive progress and they were never better than on this record.

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Spirit Adrift – Divided By Darkness

May 10 // 20 Buck Spin

Monstrous riffs!

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Rosemarine – Rosemarine

May 10 // Ropeadope

Super exciting mixture out of jazz and garage rock/grunge. You never heard anything like this before!

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BIG|BRAVE – A Gaze Among Them

May 10 // Southern Lord

Gimme all that gaze.

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Dreadnought – Emergence

May 10 // Profound Lore 

They keep getting better and better. A phenomenal doom gem.

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Sacramento – Lido

May 10 // La Tempesta International

I know there is a lot of gazey stuff in my features these days, but damn, listen how great this is!


Lydia Ainsworth – Phantom Forest

May 10 // Zombie Cat Records

Enter this magical wold of wonders and be enchanted.

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Ludovic Alarie – we’re a dream nobody wrote down

May 10  // Chouchou Records

This is damn brilliant.

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Holly Herndon – Proto

May 10 // 4AD

The future sounds so good.

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Bart – Today, Tomorrow, & The Next Day

May 10 // Idee Fixe Records

Awesome 60’s psych folk vibes.

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Manu Louis – Cream Parade

May 10 // Igloo Records

A weird fever dream, but I love every second of it.


The Chasing Monster – Errant

May 10  // Antigony Records

Some of the finest post rock out there.

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Kyle – Pre Cum Post Jazz

May 10 // Bomb Shelter Records


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Battle Of Britain Memorial – We crave for our holy outsides

May 11 // Unsigned

A masterpiece.

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Glassing – Spotted Horse

May 17 // Brutal Panda Records

We love Glassing, and you should too.

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Valborg – Zentrum

May 17 // Prophecy

Their best album to date!

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Tyler, The Creator – IGOR

May 17 // A Boy Is A Gun/Columbia Records

Flower boy is constantly transforming.


Tipper – Jettison Mind Hatch

May 17 // Tippermusic

Get trippy guarantee.

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Seba Kaapstad – Thina

May 17 // Mellow Music Group

This is so fucking wonderful, it makes you a better person.

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Injury Reserve – Injury Reserve

May 17 // Loma Vista Recordings

Those guys are hot shit.

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Brad Mehldau – Finding Gabriel

May 17 // Nonesuch Records

This is everything which is good about jazz. Brad Mehldau teaches us all a lesson how to be experimental and comforting, classic and futuristic. Incredible.


Toebow – Themes

May 17 // Imaginator Records

Very lovely, vibrant, and positive.

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Glass Beach – the first glass beach album

May 18 // Unsigned

This is truly one of the best things I’ve heard in 2019. Extraordinarily unique, emotional and compelling, down-to-earth and fabulously extravagant. Thanks to the lizard god for that.

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Lisathe – Lisathe

May 24 // Art As Catharsis

Making great songs even better.

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It Was A Good Dream – Help Me To Recollect

May 24 // Dunk! Records

A lot of post rock is good, but forgettable. Only a few are great. And even fewer are outstandingly phenomenal. This belongs to the last category.

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Earth – Full Upon Her Burning Lips

May 24 // Sargent House

They still can do it like no on else.

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Flying Lotus – Flamagra

May 24 // Warp Records

I’m still trying to digest this record.

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Cold Reading – Part 1: Past Perfect

May 24 // Krod Records

Really great. Excited for the next parts.


Misþyrming – Algleymi

May 24 // Norma Evangelium

Probably the best black metal record this year.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Faye Webster – Atlanta Millionaires Club

May 24 // Secretly Canadian

Soulful indie pop from a very charismatic artist.

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Mavis Staples – We Get By

May 24 // Anti- Records

Soul for the soul.

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Jordsjø – Nattfiolen

May 24 // Karisma Records/Dark Essence

Proggy psych rock with fantastic 60’s/70’s vibes!

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Dark Spring – More Than Suffering

May 24 // Unsigned

One-of-a-kind pop punk with lovely midwest emo vibes. Really wholesome.

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Belua – Mother Of All

May 30 // Unsigned

Sweet and lovely post rock/indie from Cyprus!

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The Violent Years – Via Antarctica

May 31 // Apollon Records

Interesting kind of Scandinavian prog rock, very warm and comforting.

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Sinkane – Dépaysé

May 31 // City Slang

The joy and color of life put into sound.

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Kim Thompsett – The Hollows

May 31 // Meniscus Hump

Every artist who reminds me of Kate Bush is a win.


Coast – Skim

May 31 // Art As Catharsis

Australian jazz at its finest.

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Pale Spring – Cygnus

May 31 // Doom Trip

I love trip hop, but it’s rare those days. Thanks to Pale Spring for bringing some of this magic in our days.

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Masvidal – Mythical

May 31 // Masvidalien Records

I want more of that. All day, every day.


Denzel Curry – ZUU

May 31 // Loma Vista Recordings

I’m waiting for the final click which will make this a fucking masterpiece.


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