Everything Is Noise is an independent music journalism platform untethered from any notion of genre limitations. We aim to bring our readers an informed, holistic view of the broad scope of music – past, present, and future – by providing reviews, features, and premieres that cover all corners of the music world. Officially founded in late July 2018 by our team of dedicated volunteers after years of work under different monikers, Everything Is Noise was built on our shared vision of a music journalism without blinders or reservations. Through this, we have built strong connections all throughout the music industry. Now, we are ready to take the next step on our journey by opening an official Steady account.

To make one thing clear: there will be no content paywalls. What we want to do with this Steady account is simply to give those among our readership who want to support us financially the opportunity to do just that. If that’s not an option for you, fret not – our content will remain accessible for you free of charge, just as it’s always been. … Think of it as a digital tip jar. Our immediate aim is to cover our running costs, including the server rent, which we currently shoulder on our own. Further stretch goals include better maintenance for our website and, perhaps more importantly, the ability for us to pay our staff members for their hard work.

None of us are in it for the money, as our years of non-profit, voluntary coverage will undoubtedly prove. All the funds raised through Steady will be put to good use, ensuring that Everything Is Noise will be able to operate well into the future. If you share our vision and wish to support us on our journey, consider joining our Steady. Thank you.