Everything Is Noise has existed online in different forms for nearly six years. Throughout that time, we have relentlessly sought to bring innovative music to a growing audience while also fostering a space to engage with music, its fans, and its creators in a positive, creative way.

The online environment we find ourselves in today has made music discovery more accessible than ever before. At the same time, so much amazing music is made that defies easy categorization. Inspired by this observation, it is our hope that Everything Is Noise is able to help you explore all kinds of music out there without being constrained to genre. This is what we envision EIN to be: a platform for a collective of music enthusiasts, supporting, encouraging, and nurturing a liberated approach to music discovery, and straddling the whole of the musical spectrum. With the team we currently have in place and the ability to properly realize our vision, we are committed to encourage the discovery and discussion of meaningful music, regardless of genre or other limitations.

Our volunteer team is committed to sharing and discussing music through a number of mediums that you can explore below. However, we are always searching for new ways to interact with this noise that is everything to us. Thank you for being a part of this positive and inquisitive community.

What We Do


Meet Our Team

David Rodriguez (he/him)



Toni Meese (he/him)

Editor-In-Chief // Public Relations

I know more than you.

Dominik Böhmer (he/him)


Beautiful music is that which breaks the silence with grace and purpose. My quest is to find such music, and the perfect words to capture it with.

Shaun Milligan (he/him)


Fervent fan of various styles of wiggly air. Compact stature, colossal appetite, and an indulger in numerous strands of nerdiness.

Jake Walters (he/him)


Jake has been a dedicated member of Everything is Noise (formerly known as ItDjents) since 2017, passionately curating his articles on a wide range of music genres including rap, folk, and, let's face it, primarily metal. He pours his heart into his writing, driven by his genuine love for the craft and his unwavering desire to shed light on the hidden gems of the music world that might otherwise slip through the cracks.

Leanna White

Art Director

Vidur Paliwal (he/him)

Assistance Graphics

Eeli Helin (he/him)


A connoisseur of low-frequency rumbling and scrap metal rattling based near the arctic circle, enveloped in either blinding sunlight or constant darkness with absolutely nothing in between. Attracted to the deeper end and stranger side of art and humour, explicitly repulsed by all -isms and most people.

Robert Miklos


What can I say? I love slapping keys and listening to squiggly air.

Pete Overell (he/him)


“Talent has always been the sexiest thing to me``

Carlos Vélez-Cancel (he/him)

Writer // Assistance Social Media

Goofy-ass Boricua with a keenness for the wholesome and the absurd. Devoted to explore the human condition through stories and music. Capable of laying down some proggy grooves behind a drum kit as well!

JP Pallais (he/him)


In a world that is so disorienting with so many things always throwing my life for a spin, music is the one thing that reliably grounds me and brings me inner peace. It gives me the courage to never be afraid when it comes to trying new things or experiencing something different. So yeah, I guess you could say music is pretty neat 🙂

Hanna Ott (they/them)


My favourite things in life can be narrowed down to metal, beer, Twin Peaks, coffee, and cats – I’m a 50/50 split of snob and silly.

Landon Turlock (they/them)


Landon Turlock is a social worker, researcher, musician, and writer based in western Canada. They have been writing and sometimes editing for Everything Is Noise and its predecessor since 2016 and enjoy making and writing about music that ranges from ambient, neoclassical, folk, and hip-hop to the progressive and technical ends of death metal, metalcore, and more.

Dylan Nicole Lawson (they/them)


Music, to me, is much like food; You have your tastes and your preferences, and some things will better fit the mood than others depending on the day or night. But ultimately, you never know how much you can surprise yourself when you give something new a chance. Similarly, I’m always open to new music and happy to write about it as I discover it!

Daniel Reiser



Joe McKenna (he/him)


I’m a musician, music writer, bartender, and sound producer for film. Love going to festivals and discovering new and obscure types of music/films/media/art to enjoy.

Alex Eubanks (he/him)

Alex Eubanks (he/him)


I’m Alex Eubanks and I’m a college student at the University of Miami writing for Everything is Noise, mainly writing on indie rock, rap, pop, alt-rock, and anything else that comes up. I’m a Florida native, I enjoy and have written about pretty much everything in the world of music and am also passionate about all thing's music, film, television, basketball, gaming, and have written some about just about anything else the world of entertainment has to offer.

Dom South (he/him)


I’m Dom, I like to think I’m EIN’s premier hardcore head and will 2-step my own way into oblivion at shows and in reviews.

Christopher Rós (he/him)


I’m a mountain-man zipping around China from gig to gig with my bands: Fuck Your Birthday, Polyphozia, and Night Tides. In the cracks between, I like to write about music. Peace.

Adam Parshall Terry (he/him)


Howling for answers no wolf can know.

Nathan Kwon (he/him)


When I’m not having an existential crisis, I love listening to new music of all kinds, writing post-black metal in Crawl Across the Sky, illustrating and painting, reading, and exploring food and drink. And of course bothering my two cats.

Iain (he/him)


Pennsylvanian cat dad, halfheartedly aspiring bassist, and voracious consumer of as much music as possible. Predominantly a metalhead, but I'm open to almost any genre, and sometimes I just might even feel the need to share my opinions.

Paul M


Paul is an unpublished fiction writer based in semi-rural New South Wales, Australia. He is a film and video game fanatic, a lover of all things drone / sludge / stoner/ doom / post-metal, and definitely doesn't feel weird writing about himself in the third person.

Claire (she/her)


Do well & be well.

Paul W.


When he’s not looking after animals or working in the kitchen, Paul is searching for new music and trying to find the perfect way to explain its effect on him. Open to all forms of artistic expression and always looking for recommendations.

Bryson Chapman (he/him)


Hip hop, country, pop, and all things extreme. If you often spin SOPHIE, Pig Destroyer, Merle, and Ghostface Killah all in the same evening, you have found the writer for you.
“No taste for subtlety and no time for restraint.” - Dorian Electra.
Photo: Erin Tallent of @beattheshow

Mathias Lowrey Ball


Professional dilettante. Mostly into guitar music that makes me cry, but I’ll try anything at least once.



Broc rolled a natural 20 on weird music tastes. He happily crawls through the dungeons of the underground looking for the harsh and lovely music of liminal spaces, things that bop in the night.

Damian Smith


I’m a musician and producer from the Canadian prairies, by way of the west coast. I grew up on a steady diet of heavy metal and horror films. If it’s weird or obscure, I’m probably into it.

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