The summer slump is really over (to be fair, there wasn’t really much of a summer slump this year), and September brought some amazing records to the table. We are getting closer to the end of the year, and my hypothetical AOTY list is constantly growing.

Feel free to share your own favorite records of last month in the comments. I’m excited to check them out!

Skullcave – Fear

September 1 // Art As Catharsis


Art As Catharsis is usually reason enough to check out a record, but even without a quality label, this expressive piece of doomgaze warms your heart and grips you by guts.

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Nadja – Sonnborner

September 4 // Broken Spine Productions


An extraordinary band with probably their best work to date. Doomy, experimental ambient, packed to the brim with haunting drone sequences. Absolutely and astonishingly massive.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Andrés Elstein – Las Formas Cambian

September 4 // Kuai Music


A very compelling and dense entry into 2018’s jazz hall of fame, led by phenomenal Argentinian percussionist Andrés Elstein.


Yves Tumor – Safe In The Hand Of Love

September 5 // Warp Records


Yves Tumor‘s disturbing yet comforting art pop is a must-have gem for every fan of experimental contemporary pop music.


If Only The Trees – Drop The Air

September 5 // Unsigned


A beautiful little post-rock gem with a very interesting vocal performance. Worth your time, it’s something special.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Owl – Nights In Distortion

September 7 // Temple Of Torturous


Teased with a little EP, Owl finally released their highly anticipated album Nights In Distortion, which is a soulful and warm take on modern doom metal.

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Attan – End Of

September 7 // Fysisk Format


A relentlessly heavy output. Dark, gritty mixture of sludge, grindcore, and hardcore, with a bit of math sprinkled on top.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Besra – Anhedonia

September 7 // Temple Of Torturous


In a year with many fantastic post metal releases, this album still stands out very easily. Compelling songwriting and dense sounds make this a very pleasing ride.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Amnesia Scanner – Another Life

September 7 // PAN


Two Finnish folks in Berlin? No wonder how this album turned out. Glitchy and experimental electronic madness!

Bandcamp // Youtube

Young Mountain – Lost Tree

September 5 // Unsigned


Hardcore meets dreamy shoegaze. If you’re still sleeping on this album, change that immediately.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Spiritualized – And Nothing Hurt

September 7 // Fat Possum Records


Nothing too special, just some super cool songs.


Maribou State – Kingdoms In Colour

September 7 // Counter Records


Nothing less than a masterpiece. Exceptional, awesome.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Steven A. Clarke – Where Neon Goes to Die

September 7 // Secretly Canadian


Contemporary r’n’b, masterfully matched with disco and funk. Criminally catchy.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Scott Xylo – Find Us When U Get There

September 7 // Black Acre


One of the coolest hip hop jams this year, even if it’s so much more than just hip hop. Great stuff.

Bandcamp // Youtube

We Are Leif – Breathe

September 9 // Unsigned


This album is so smooth, so catchy, so sensual. Yet it’s overlooked by many. What a shame!

Bandcamp // Youtube

Kurushimi – What Is Chaos?

September 13 // Art As Catharsis


What Is Chaos? This is chaos.

Review // Bandcamp // Youtube

We Were Promised Jetpacks – The More I Sleep The Less I Dream

September 14 // Big Scary Monsters


The big blow-up of this band is long overdue. Another excellent record added to their excellent discography.

Review // Bandcamp // Youtube

Emma Ruth Rundle – On Dark Horses

September 14 // Sargent House


My favorite album of hers. Great songwriting all over the place.

Review // Bandcamp // Youtube

Kapil Seshasayee – A Sacred Bore

September 14 // Loner Noise


Another criminally underrated album. No need to explain what this is. It’s great.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Irreversible Mechanism – Immersion

September 14 // Blood Music


One of the coolest prog-death records this year. This is how you do it, Fallujah.

Review // Bandcamp // Youtube

Vennart – To Cure A Blizzard Upon A Plastic Sea

September 14 // Medium Format


There is this pinch of Oceansize which shines through in every moment. Pure magic.

Review // Bandcamp // Youtube

Slothrust – The Pact

September 14 // Dangerbird Records


Just an awesome rock band.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Thrice – Palms

September 14 // Epitaph Records


This album just keeps growing and growing. Not their most flashy release, but maybe their most profound one!

Review //  Youtube

Holy Fawn – Death Spells

September 14 // Whelmed Records


Incredibly dense and powerful. A record no one should miss.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Subsonic Eye – Dive Into

September 14 // Middle Class Cigars


Fantastic dream pop/indie/shoegaze from Singapore. Awesome sound.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Sandro Perri – In Another Life

September 14 // Constellation Records


Modern classical, electronic, folk, and much more: this is a rich potpourri of sounds and influences, curated and accompanied by phenomenal songwriting.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Noname – Room 25

September 14 // Unsigned


Probably one of the highlights of hip hop/r’n’b this year. No surprise at all.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Dilly Dally – Heaven

September 14 // Partisan Records/Dine Alone Records


Canadian doom-heavy noise rock. Moose yeah!

Bandcamp // Youtube

Ivy Sole – Overgrown

September 18 // Unsigned


You need the smoothness of Overgrown in you life. So catchy, so groovy.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Nosound – Allow Yourself

September 21 // Kscope

One of the nicest prog rock releases this year. Sweet and subtle, Nosound satisfy the listener with premium compositions.

Review // Youtube

Bangladeafy – Ribboncutter

September 21 // Nefarious Industries


Fuck yeah.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Hypophora – Douse

September 21 // Zen Ten Records


Really impressive debut offering a fresh take on modern prog!

Review // Bandcamp // Youtube

Toby Driver – They Are The Shield

September 21 // Blood Music


Well, it’s Toby Driver. LISTEN!

Bandcamp // Youtube

San Holo – album1

September 21 // bitbird


I’ve waited for this a long time. Worth it. Future music.


JMSN – Velvet

September 21 // White Room Records


This is sexy, sexy music. Fucking beautiful.

Bandcamp // Youtube 

Mutual Benefit – Thunder Follow The Light

September 21 // Transgressive


A warm cup of tea on a rainy day.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Avishai Cohen – 1970

September 22 // Razdaz Recordz


You can’t go wrong with Avishai Cohen. Always a pleasure!


Slow Crush – Aurora

September 28 // Holy Roar Records


Heavy shoegaze from Holy Roar? Yes please!

Review // Bandcamp // Youtube

Sunflo’er – No Hell

September 28 // Noise Salvation


Proggy mathcore, wonderfully paced and packed to the brim with cool ideas.

Bandcamp // Youtube

All Them Witches – ATW

September 28 // New West Records


Their best album to date!

Review // Bandcamp // Youtube

Asbest – Driven

September 28 // A Tree In A Field Records


Between desperation and hope, covered in noise.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Horrendous – Idol

September 28 // Season Of Mist


Another one of the best prog-death albums you’ll hear this year. I adore the Cynic influences.

Review // Bandcamp // Youtube

Wang Wen – Invisible City

September 28 // Pelagic Records


China’s most famous post-rock band with a wonderful new record!

Bandcamp // Youtube

Restorations – LP5000

September 28 // Tiny Engines


Very compelling and thoughtful. Hope they will get a good amount of attention.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Pinegrove – Skylight

September 28 // Unsigned


After a hiatus caused by an ugly incident involving the band’s frontman Evan HallPinegrove are back with a really healing and reflective new album.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Gouge Away – Burnt Sugar

September 28 // Deathwish Inc.


One of the coolest hardcore releases of the year!

Bandcamp // Youtube

Bliss Signal – Bliss Signal

September 28 // True Panther Records/Profound Lore


You want it darker?

Bandcamp // Youtube

This Will Destroy You – New Other Part One

September 28 // Dark Operative/Suicide Squeeze


I’ve lost touch with this band over the years, but they won me over again with this record.

Bandcamp // Youtube

It was a great month. Thanks for scrolling!

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