Everything Is Noise is proud to present a delightfully slick track brought to us by the good people at Action & Tension & SpaceSkåredalen Funhouse will be the instrumental Norwegian loungers’ first album since their debut self-titled release back in 2012, and brand this new title track serves as the perfect taster for things to come.

“Skåredalen Funhouse” is a silky smooth number with a steady funky tempo and some ultra groovy double bass. The psychedelic twang of the electric guitars and the free-spirited organ really bring this song to life. With just a handful of great ideas, it doesn’t take much for Action & Tension & Space to make this a supremely cool and catchy tune. Some lava lamp visuals are also thrown into the video for good, spacey measure.

Fans of this will be pleased to know that the Skåredalen Funhouse album promises to deliver more of this effective lounge formula. It’s shaping up to be a pleasant homage to the psychedelic sounds from The Doors-era of music, but with some more modern elements of funk thrown into the mix. One to watch for by all accounts.

Skåredalen Funhouse will be released October 19, 2018. You can check out Action & Tension & Space‘s earlier work on their Spotify and Soundcloud pages. For all other info, visit their official Facebook page.

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