March usually fires the year up, like really cranking things up to 11. Last year, March gave us our #1 AOTY Time Will Die And Love Will Bury It by UK  phenomenon Rolo Tomassi, so you probably understand why I’m so pumped for March 2019. And damn, it turned out just as fantastic as I anticipated!

Ni – Pantophobie

March 1 // Dur et Doux

I was waiting but still not ready. Ni delivered. Get on that if you wanna prog out.

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Lomelda – M for Empathy

March 1 // Double Double Whammy

This is a charming bucket of hugs. The intimacy drips out of every small song on this record. Beautiful.

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Little Simz – Grey Area

March 1 // Age 101

Hip hop is great in 2019; this album is one of the main reasons why.


The Japanese House – Good At Falling

March 1 // Dirty Hit

All the EPs only teased for this. Thanks.


Durand Jones & The Indications – American Love Call

March 1 // Dead Oceans

Ahh, that vibe! Awesome soul in the vein of Michael Kiwanuka and Leon Bridges, but somehow even more old-school.

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Dan Mayo – Big Brown Eyes

March 1 // Unsigned

I love me some drum-focused fusion, and this album is drum-focused fusion par excellence!

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SÂVER – They Came With Sunlight

March 8 // Pelagic Records

Post-metal is on fire this year, so post-metal from Pelagic Records is an instant win.

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Alice Phoebe Lou – Paper Castles

March 8 // Unsigned

Warmth is an attribute which easily attracts me to music, because it’s connected to honesty and comfort. Therefore, Paper Castle was a no-brainer.


Ataraxie – Résignés

March 8 // Weird Truth | Xenokorp | Deadlight

Dark and gritty doom for everyone who is too happy.

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Astralingua – Safe Passage

March 8 // Midnight Lamp Records

A humble, richly textured effort which flew under the radar. Give it a spin if you enjoy modern classical and/or folk!

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Kyle Dion – Suga

March 8 // Unsigned

Souly r’n’b with a lot of charm and cheese.


Sora Tob Sakana – World Fragment Tour

March 13 // Warner Bros Entertainment

J-pop meets math rock. With their previous EPs and mini-albums, Sora Tob Sakana prepared us for this release. Mission accomplished. Blown away.


Louise Lemón – A Broken Heart Is An Open Heart

March 15 // Icons Creating Evil Art

There is a slight oversaturation of dark ambient pop out there lately, so it’s even more impressive that Louise Lemón manages to shine through so easily with her fantastic new album.

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Elizabeth Colour Wheel – Nocebo

March 15 // The Flenser

I kinda love the term ‘dreamgaze’. I know it sounds like made-up internet nonsense – because that’s exactly what it is – but damn, it fits this beautiful album so well!

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Kilchhofer & Anklin – Moto Perpetuo

March 15 // Marionette

An incredible sonic experience if there ever was one. This album changed me. Phenomenally intense.

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Clever Austin – Pareidolia

March 15 // Unsigned

Furious jazz fusion by Perrin Moss of Hiatus Kaiyote fame!


Tenta – W.E.I.R.D. Subtopia

March 15 // Unsigned

Another overlooked gem. Listen to this! Please! If you are interested in a more psychy art rock version of Radiohead, check it out!

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The Comet Is Coming – Trust In The Lifeforce Of The Deep Mystery

March 15 // Impulse! Records

A powerhouse. Jazz will be in good shape as long as Shabaka Hutchings is around.


Shanghai Qiutian – New Era, Shared Future

March 15 // Wild Records

Very sweet and twinkly EP from this Chinese band!

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An Isolated Mind – I’m Losing Myself

March 16 // Unsigned

Black metal is without a doubt one of the most progressive metal genres, and stuff like An Isolated Mind transitions the genre into the digital age so well!

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Chinese Football – Continue?

March 16 // Wild Records

Those guys made kind of a splash with their debut album, and it’s nice to see that they continue to be great band!

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Beneath – Beneath

March 17 // Unsigned

Post-rock, emo, and indie – a good recipe! Add some gazey guitars and nice vocals, and you got a nice release worth checking out.


American Football – American Football (LP3)

March 22 // Polyvinyl

This is the best album I’ve heard in 2019 so far.
I’ll make new friends in the ambulance

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Ultra Zook – Ultra Zook

March 22 // Dur Et Doux | Gnougn Records

Charmingly weird, full of joyful energy. This is life.

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No Man’s Valley – Outside The Dream

March 22 // Tonzonen Records

I’m usually a bit bored by the current trend of psychy, stonery hard rock, but this is really dope. Pun intended.

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Sigils – You Built The Altar, You Lit The Leaves

March 22 // Unsigned

Look at the cover. Now picture this: They play heavy, atmospheric doom, and their vocalist sounds a bit like Ozzy. Do with that information as you please.

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Shabti – Trembling and Shorn

March 22 // Last Mercy Emissions



Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah – Ancestral Recall

March 22 // Ropeadope

Jazz with class.

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Vesperine – Espérer Sombrer

March 22 // Apathia Records

What is it with French post-metal that makes it so fascinating? Devour this record, and it will devour you.

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Lambchop – This (Is What I Wanted To Tell You)

March 22 // Merge Records/City Slang

First I just wanted to check out a song. Then the album ended. Repeat. Chills. End. Repeat. You get the picture.


Sermon – Birth Of The Marvellous

March 22 // Prosthetic Records

Don’t sleep on good prog, it’s rare these days.

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Lucy Rose – No Words Left

March 22 // Arts & Craft

That’s magic. Album of the year contender.


Heize – She’s Fine

March 22 // Genie Music

Korean r’n’b is best r’n’b.


Emily Wells – This World Is Too _____ for You

March 22 // Thesis & Instinct

You know what indie/art pop needed? An orchestra.

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Johnny Booth – Firsthand Accounts

March 22 // Hotfoot Records

Super powerful stuff. If you wanna check one -core record this year, make it this one.


Petra – Filament

March 22 // Gold Bolus Recordings

Let this end you.


Valerinne – Desire

March 25 // Unsigned

Really promising post-rock from Romania.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Vltimas – Something Wicked Marches In

March 29 // Season Of Mist

This is how you do death metal in 2019.

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East Of The Wall – NP Complete

March 29 // Translation Loss Records

This band can’t do no wrong. Why they aren’t big yet? That makes me crazy.

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Skryptor – Luminous Volumes

March 29 // Sleeping Giant Glossolalia/Skin Graft/Aqualamb

Still trying to solve the riddle that is this album. Compellingly textured and superbly written.

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Brutus – Nest

March 29 // Sargent House | Hassle Records

Nest sucked me into a maelstrom of greatness, deeper and deeper. Captivating and moving, this is a damn intense listening experience.

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Moon Tooth – Crux

March 29 // Modern Static Records

Not necessarily better than Chromaparagon, but a more mature and balanced sound profile. Moon Tooth are just great.

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SEIMS – 3.1

March 29 // Bird’s Robe Records | Art As Catharsis

Three new songs by one of the hottest math rock bands on the planet are three more reasons for a better world.

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The Matthew Herbert Big Band – The State Between Us

March 29 // Accidental Records

An intense experience. Sound porn.

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Rows Arc – High On The Tide

March 29 // Hawthorne Street Records


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Radare – Der Endless Dream

March 29 // Golden Antenna Records

Contemplative beauty, meditative vibes. Radare give out all you really need.

Bandcamp // Youtube // Review

Orpheus Omega – Wear Your Sins

March 29 // EVP Recordings

So much fun! This kind of modern melodic death metal usually isn’t my cup of tea, but Orpheus Omega are so charming and motivating.

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Quelle Chris – Guns

March 29 // Mello Music Group

There has been so much good hip hop in 2019 already. This new Quelle Chris just adds to the pile of greatness.

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Mdou Moctar – Illana: The Creator

March 29 // Sahel Sounds

At first, I was afraid that this was more of a gimmick, as they label themselves as ‘touareg rock’, but I was very happy to learn that Mdou Moctar is honestly fantastic. Love the desert-y, more shreddy Khruangbin vibe.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Fennesz – Agora

March 29 // Touch

Captivating drone/ambient soundscapes from this veteran.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Billy Woods & Kenny Segal – Hiding Place

March 29 // Backwoodz Studioz

What a great collaboration – great lines and great beats.


American Pleasure Club – Fucking Bliss

March 29 // Run For Cover Records

Formerly known as teen suicide, American Pleasure Club deliver weird and artsy indie rock with influences from ‘billion types of music‘.

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Lower Slaughter – Some Things Take Work

March 29 // Box Records

Are you searching for a snotty, driving garage rock album? You’ve come to the right place with Lower Slaughter.


Marvin Gaye – You’re The Man

March 29 // Motown

Marvin Gaye.


Choosey & Exile – Black Beans

March 29 // Dirty Science

Great, great hip hop.

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Thanks for scrolling. I’m tired. Will sleep till next month.

You can find “The Noise Of March 2019” Spotify playlist below!

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