Heavy electronic genius CNJR has treated us to another taster from his upcoming debut album, in the form of “NST”, and Everything Is Noise is honored to have the exclusive video premiere. Since last October, this inspiring new artist has been consistently hitting us with fresh material, and this latest offering proves that he is going from strength to strength.

“NST” is a wonderfully groovy ensemble of pounding percussion, spacey synths and emotive electronic melody. It is a hard, edgy piece of work, which neatly harnesses the heavier conventions of the genre. Accompanying the track are some dystopian, borderline creepy, and utterly mesmerizing visuals courtesy of Victor Ferreira of Sun Glitters.

CNJR has been gradually building momentum since his debut EP Hive Mind from last year. His recent swathe of singles comes ahead of his first full-length album, WSTLND, which is set for release this coming June. CNJR uses his music to depict an expressive human’s struggle within a largely patriarchal and oppressive modern society, one that is often inconsiderate towards mental health issues and queer lifestyles. Listeners can therefore gather artistic semblance with the feelings associated with this existence. Such is the interpretive brilliance of artists like CNJR.

WSTLND will be released June 7, 2019. To hear more CNJR in the meantime, check out his Bandcamp and Soundcloud pages. For all other news and info, visit his official website and Facebook.

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