In April’s tender grasp, the world awakes, Beneath the azure sky, a new dawn breaks. Soft whispers of spring dance in the air, As nature adorns herself, beyond compare.

April 2024 had also tons of good music. No poems about that, but a full THE NOISE OF!

Barrus – The Kids

April 4 // Independent

I haven’t heard such a unique take on prog in a long time. This is definitely rough around the edges, but each track carries so much charisma and mood. Super interesting theatrics and sounds – get this before it fades into oblivion.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Grace Cummings – Ramona

April 5 // ATO

I loved Grace Cummings‘ previous album Storm Queen in 2022 so much that it ended up being one of my AOTYs. Its predecessor, Ramona, continues a fantastic artistic journey full of richness, vulnerability, and empowerment, and while it may not have the same gravitas as Storm Queen, it’s still easily a highlight.

Bandcamp // Youtube // Review

Still Corners – Dream Talk

April 5 // Wrecking Lights

It’s probably not going to blow you away, but it’s dreamy and sweet and just packed with really good songs. UK’s Still Corners really surprised me with how captivating their album ended up being, and I find myself coming back to it again and again.

Bandcamp // Youtube

RiTchie – Triple Digits [112]

April 5 // Independent

After listening to Injury Reserve‘s By The Time I Get To Phoenix, I felt pretty empty. To this day, the album and its context remains one of the most intense experiences I’ve ever had with a work of art, and it left me emotionally shaken. Time has passed since then, and while Triple Digits [112] marks a new chapter for RiTchie, it provided me with an unexpected closure. Thanks for that.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Novo Amor – Collapse List

April 5 // AllPoints

If you’re not excited about a new Novo Amor release, you’re clearly missing out. Welsh artist John Meredith-Lacey has been creating fantastic and rich music for a long time (if you want the best starting point – Heiress, his collaboration with Ed Tullett) and Collapse List adds to his impressive catalog.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Mei Semones – Kabutomushi

April 5 // Bayonet Records

A very intimate experience. Mei Semones has a very distinctive style of jazzy bedroom pop, and every song feels so close and warm – very easy to get lost in that. Really wonderful little gem for a cozy night alone.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Lizzy McAlpine – Older

April 5 // RCA Records

Probably one of the best indie-folk songwriters we have today. Lizzy McAlpine surprises with subtle complexity and intricate arrangements that are never flashy. There is an inherent elegance in her music and a disarming honesty in her storytelling. Another win.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Cookin Soul & The Musalini– MACKARONI

April 5 // Independent

I’ve been a huge fan of Spanish producer Cookin Soul ever since he teamed up with Lord Apex for their collaboration Off The Strength – his new feature-heavy project with New York rapper The Musalini is bursting with jazzy and popping beats that are just plain cool.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Replicant – Infinite Mortality

April 12 // Transcending Obscurity Records

I’m telling you – all the other extreme metal in 2024 will have a really hard time beating this. Replicant have shown their enormous potential in the past, but with Infinite Mortality they have really upped their game. This is relentlessly heavy and cleverly written tech death, perfectly balanced and impressively executed. I could string some more superlatives together, but why don’t you just press play and listen for yourself.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Exist – Hijacking the Zeitgeist

April 12 // Prosthetic Records

They did it again. Exist are awesome, and I automatically assume that shit is awesome if it has Max Phelps in it, because it never seems to be wrong. One of the coolest prog metal bands out there, these guys fill a niche between Death (especially the Sound Of Perserverance era) and Cynic that I desperately need. And they just keep on giving.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Shabaka – Perceive Its Beauty, Acknowledge Its Grace

April 12 // Impulse

Listen, Shabaka Hutchings is the man. If you like modern jazz and don’t know this guy, you’re missing out. Go through his vast catalog, his countless projects – you will be rewarded with vibrant jazz left and right. It’s crazy that it took so long to get a real solo record from him, but it’s fucking awesome in the end, no surprise at all. He’s the man.


Heavenly Blue – We Have The Answer

April 12 // Secret Voice

Once again, skramz is in a really good place in 2024. Bands like Frail Body and Infant Island have clearly brought a more polished skramz to the table, and there are tons of smaller projects like Vægtløs doing great work as well – but there is no way around Heavenly Blue, arguably the best the genre has to offer so far this year.

Bandcamp // Youtube

English Teacher – This Could Be Texas

April 12 // Nice Swan Records

The highest praise I have for this album? Nothing sounds like it. This Could Be Texas is a unique experience that can’t be properly described, you have to experience it. And you will love it.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Baby Rose & badbadnotgood – Slow Burn

April 12 // Secretly Canadian

Let me make a list of artists I want to work with or get produced by badbadnotgood and the world will be a better place. Damn, I liked Baby Rose before, but this is a new level of awesome!

Bandcamp // Youtube

MÆRE – .​.​.​And The Universe Keeps Silent

April 19 // Transcending Obscurity Records

Probably overlooked, German death metal outfit MÆRE delivered a dark and noisy gem full of massive riffs. Featuring members of legendary underground death metal act Ingurgating Oblivion, this band channels the dark side of Gorguts in a fantastic way.

Bandcamp // Youtube

BIG|BRAVE – a chaos of flowers

April 19 // Thrill Jockey

What is there to say about BIG|BRAVE? The Montrael-based noise/doom outfit became one of the household names in their field, and while I still think their songs could use a little more focus next to the layering and atmosphere, a chaos of flowers is another triumphant display of their artistry.

Bandcamp // Youtube // Review

Atræ Bilis – Aumicide

April 19 // 20 Buck Spin

April has really put it on the table with good extreme metal, right? Atræ Bilis released their best album yet on Metal Excellence Sigil aka 20 Buck Spin, and I just love digging into it and trying to figure out all the little details. Really rewarding album!

Bandcamp // Youtube

Sons Of Ra – Tropic Of Cancer

April 19 // Independent

A wild Sons Of Ra appeared! Sons Of Ra used super fucking wild avant-garde jazz extravaganza! It’s super effective! Boredom fainted!

Bandcamp // Youtube

Lucy Rose – This Ain’t The Way You Go Out

April 19 // Communion Records

It’s so fucking awesome how different This Ain’t The Way You Go Out is compared to Lucy Rose‘s previous album No Word’s Left (a personal favorite, the video accompanying the whole album is an audiovisual masterpiece) – yet Lucy’s charisma and presence is so mesmerizing and enchanting that listening to the new album instantly brings back familiar feelings. A phenomenal experience.

Bandcamp // Youtube

claire rousay – sentiment

April 19 // Thrill Jockey

You never really know what to expect from a claire rousay album, and that’s the magic of it. Will it be disturbing and unsettling? Will it be soothing and comforting? Will it be all that and more? Who knows, press play and find out.


Somesurprises – Perseids

April 19 // Doom Trip

I loved their self-titled album a few years ago, and now I’m pleasantly surprised by the follow-up. Somesurprises is a sweet little dream pop/electronica project that should be a must-listen for anyone into that kind of sound.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Amiensus – Reclamation Pt. I

April 26 // M-Theory Audio

To kill some time until Alcest‘s new album comes out, have some Amiensus. Less looks, more metal! Joking aside, the first half of Amiensus‘ proggy post-black metal album has great riffs and good ideas, and should definitely be on your list, especially when part 2 drops!

Bandcamp // Youtube // Review

All Are To Return – AATR III

April 26 // Tartarus Records

This scares me and I love it. Give me more. Scare me.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Inter Arma – New Heaven

April 26 // Relapse Records

When you think about how great Sky Burial and even more Paradise Gallows were all those years ago, it’s amazing how long Inter Arma have been giving us artistically rich extreme metal, and for me personally, they are at the forefront of exactly that – atmosphere, elegance, heaviness – all equally prioritized. New Heaven slaps.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Oberst – Toil

April 26 // Indie Recordings

One of the coolest bands you’ve never heard of! Oberst are fucking fun, always have been, and you should listen to them! They’re not really stoner rock, not really post hardcore nor alt rock – just heavy and energetic, good fucking songs, good sound. Great band!

Bandcamp // Youtube

Glassing – From the Other Side of the Mirror

April 26 // Pelagic Records

We’ve been following and covering Glassing since their early beginnings, and it’s just fantastic to see how this band just keeps getting better and better. With their first album out on Pelagic Records, this monstrous post/black metal/sludge hybrid has shown that there are no limits to where this road can take them!

Bandcamp // Youtube

Sinead Harnett – Boundaries

April 26 // Thairish Limited/Right Hand Co.

Nothing out of the ordinary, but a warm and very sweet collection of r&b tracks. Sinéad Harnett combines modern sounds with ’90s vibes and I like that.

Get it here! // Youtube

Oren Ambarchi, Johan Berthling and Andreas Werliin – Ghosted II

April 26 // Drag City Records

I love Oren Ambarchi‘s work, and with Ghosted II he gives me yet another reason to do so. A classic guitar/bass/drums trio, Ghosted II is rooted in the sequencing of analog synths and jazz, a match made in heaven. All elements dance delicately around each other, creating a spiraling pulse that is mesmerizing and compelling like nothing else.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Manon Meurt – Unravel

April 26 // Minority Records

Droning ambient mixed with doomy garage rock, what’s not to love? I’ve never heard anything like Unravel before, and damn is it exciting. If you are looking for a truly unique experience, this is the one for you!

Bandcamp // Youtube

Céu – Novela

April 26 // Urban Jungle Records

Since most of the coverage of this album seems to be in Spanish or Portuguese, I wasn’t able to find much information about it, but it’s damn good, and that should be enough.

Get it here! // Youtube

Adult Jazz – So Sorry So Slow

April 26 // Spare Thought

Wonderfully weird! I have never listened to Adult Jazz before, and apart from it being my favorite category on certain websites, I did not know the band. This is also supposed to be a comeback and I accept it! Really colorful, artsy stuff, super vibrant and exciting.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Dystopia – De Verboden Diepte I: Veldslag op de Rand van de Wereld

April 26 // Immortal Frost Productions

To be honest, it was the cover that really got me – turns out the music is great, too! Awesome dark and proggy black metal with… trumpets? Sounds cool, right?

Bandcamp // Youtube

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