I’m on the fence about commenting the current situation in the world. On the one hand, I want to keep Everything Is Noise a place about music, a place to experience a certain escapism from the turmoil of the world. Nonetheless, I want to express my support for the people in the Ukraine facing an invasion, brought into their lives by Wladimir Putin and the Russian government. I urge you to participate in ways to help the people there to get through those hellish times, either with donations or other ways of support. Please keep in mind that there are multiple ways to help those people in need, so wherever you are, you can do something good. For the people who are experiencing this war directly: I hope for a quick ending of the fights, and for you and your loved ones to stay as safe as possible. This is a disastrous scenario for the whole world, and I can’t even comprehend how confusing, disturbing, and dangerous it is for the people in the Ukraine.

In these strange times, music becomes even more important as something positive, inviting, and motivating. That’s why I was so happy to experience a stream of fantastic records in February, in many shapes and forms. Escape from reality for a bit and delve into some truly beautiful albums!

Ivy Sole – Candid

February 2 // Les Fleurs Records

I remember listening to Ivy Sole‘s fantastic gem Overgrown back in 2018, so rediscovering her as an artist with Candid was not only satisfiying because it’s a great album, but also because one can hear the progress of her as an artist. Highly recommended!

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Persefone – metanoia

February 4 // Napalm Records

Although I feel a tiny bit of fatigue for Persefone, I can’t help but to thouroughly enjoy and love metanoia. This band is just so damn good at what they are doing that you can overlook the fact that they doing a very similar thing since Spiritual Migration, but it’s so fucking tasty.

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Rolo Tomassi – Where Myth Becomes Memory

February 4 // MNRK Heavy

The shadow of Time Will Die And Love Will Bury It looms over Where Myth Becomes Memory, there’s no denying that. Nevertheless, Rolo Tomassi managed to overcome this shadow with a grower of a record. I needed a to spend good amount of time with it for it to click, but I’m glad it did in the end.

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Saba – Few Good Things

February 4 // Saba Pivot, LLC

A record so good you have to experience it. It’s impossible to put into words what an amazing piece of hip hop this new album is. My pal David tried. Fuck me.

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Hippo Campus – LP3

February 4 // Grand Jury Music

When I pressed play on this album, it immediately made me smile. Hippo Campus focused on bright and catchy songs for their new album, and I’m all in for that. Especially if you need a bit of color in your day, this album will joyfully deliver on that!

Bandcamp // Youtube

Black Country, New Road – Ants From Up There

February 4 // Ninja Tune

What else to say about the phenomenon that is Black Country, New Road? A band like no other, they turned heads with the fantastic For the first time, and they continue their streak with Ants From Up There. What an album!

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Raum – Daughter

February 4 // Yellow Electric

When Grouper‘s Liz Harris and Jefre Cantu-Ledesma are teaming up for a new Raum album, every fan of ambient music should be on the edge of their seat. This duo creates some of the most breathtaking soundcsapes you can come across, and with their second album Daughter, they stepped up their game signifcantly.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Beyond the Grasp of Light – Hell

February 10 // Independent

Have you heard of Beyond the Grasp of Light? No? Me neither, up until my mate Eeli pointed me towards the project and its new album Hell. Staying true to its name, this album unleases a stream of hellish and abrasive extreme metal, noisy and dissonant, and it’s a fucking fantastic ride.


WAIT – The End Of Noise

February 11 // The Artisan Era

I’m just eating up everything Max Phelps serves me (that sounds weird), so as long as I have to wait for a new Exist album, I gladly take WAIT in the meantime. While the vocals on The End Of Noise are a bit tough to like, the way this album channels Cynic and Death warms my heart. A great metal/prog highlight in 2022!

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‘t Geruis – Slow Dance on Moss Beds

February 11 // Lost Tribe Sound

Gushing about the wonderful aural world of ‘t Geruis is a stable for me by now, as some of the finest ambient comes from this project. I also want to once again highlight the importance of Lost Tribe Sound as my favorite ambient label, releasing beautiful music in a constant stream.


Big Thief – Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe In You

February 11 // 4AD

Big Thief became huge critics’ darlings over the last years, so every new release is hit by the spotlight immediately. With their new album Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe In You, the band surprisingly takes a more experimental approach to their music, something I really welcome. Despite not creating equally huge buzz like they did with U.F.O.F. and Two HandsDragon… is easily my favorite album by the band right now.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Trupa Trupa – B FLAT A

February 11 // Glitterbeat Records

I keep a close eye on Glitterbeat Records, since it’s home to fantastic artists like Širom, YĪN YĪN, and Park Jiha, so Trupa Trupa naturally draw my interest with their new album B FLAT A. What they delieverd is a colorful and vibrant art rock album, full of interesting ideas and fantastic songwriting. A record worth discovering!

Bandcamp // Youtube

NO CEREMONY/// – in anticipation of an ending

February 14 // Independent

What a great gem! NO CEREMONY/// released an amazing and pretty dark synthpop album, which reminds me of Poisonous Birds, albeit way more digestible. In anticipation of an ending is a real treat and y’all should listen to it.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Pan•American – The Patience Fader

February 18 // kranky

I love A Son a lot, so I was super stoked for Pan•American‘s new album, and damn, did The Patience Fader deliver. The atmosphere on this record is so warm and dense, I can’t get enough of it. Don’t miss out on it!

Bandcamp // Youtube // Review

ARÐ – Take Up My Bones

February 18 // Prophecy Productions

I’m really glad that 2022 seems to have a good bunch of doom already. On paper, Take Up My Bones shouldn’t be my kind of jam, but it’s so beautiful and paints such an elegant scenery that it’s hard not to enjoy it.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Buñuel – Killers Like Us

February 18 // Profound Lore Records

Oh fuck yeah. I love everything that has Eugene S. Robinson involved, and I’m an especially huge fan of his main project Oxbow. His vocals are just so exceptionally unique and intriguing, and having them placed in a weird and punky noise rock environment with Buñuel‘s fantastic new album Killers Like Us is all I need until the next Oxbow drops.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Totally Unicorn – High Spirits//Low Life

February 18 // Farmer & The Owl 

I discovered Totally Unicorn relatively recently last year, and I’m shocked how empty my life retrospectively felt without this band. In a heavenly coincidence, they had a new album coming out in February, and I was so on board for that. This band is impossible to put into words, and somehow they feel like a goofy version of Brutus, but equally amazing.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Beach House – Once Twice Melody

February 18 // Bella Union

18 tracks and over 80 minutes of runtime. Beach House‘s new album Once Twice Melody is a behemoth, but we all should cherish every second of it, because it never stops being warm, wholesome, and wonderful.

Bandcamp // Youtube

The Post War – Anecdoche

February 22 // Independent

Anecdoche is rough around the edges here and there, but the mesh-up of grungy alt-rock and progressive elements works like a charm. Vocalist and guitarist Eric Scott channels his inner Eddie Vedder pretty successfully, and the overall songwriting is engaging and catchy. Good gem!

Bandcamp // Youtube

Oan Kim – Oan Kim & the Dirty Jazz

February 25 // Independent

Once again, a release I saw little to no coverage about. Oan Kim created a funny and upliftig little jazz gem, and the more I listen to it, the more I enjoy all the neat little details that are sprinkled all over the place. Some true dirty jazz.


Black Sea Dahu – I Am My Mother

February 25 // Mouthwatering Records

I can’t count the times I’ve got lost in Black Sea Dahu‘s mesmerizing new album I Am My Mother. While pretty stripped down at first glance, this album has multiple layers to discover, bound together by a charming vocalist with impressive chops and moving lyrics.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Mountaineer – Giving Up The Ghost

February 25 // Lifeforce Records

Yeah, this is just another instance in which I tell you that Mountaineer are fucking great, that they are criminally overlooked, and that they deserve so much more attention. This band released album after album of some of the best post-metal you could listen to in the last years. Damn this band is consistently brilliant!

Bandcamp // Youtube // Review

Tuskar – Matriarch

February 25 // Church Road Records

Some of the riffs on Matriarch have such a great resemblance to early Mastodon, they are just heavier. They punch more. This album is damn good. During the last weeks I could spend with this album, it constantly grew on me. It’s delicately proggy, heavy when it needs to be and surprisingly groovy. I feel that it will keep growing on me, and I’m already excited how it will stand at the end of the year.

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Brood Of Hatred – The Golden Age

February 25 // Gruesome Records

Another one of those records that are a bit too rough and a bit aimless, but it carries a certain charisma that makes it hard not to like. This has some nice and very heavy riffs, some cool soundscapes, and good pacing. Sometimes, that’s all you need!

Bandcamp // Youtube // Review

Keeley Forsyth – Limbs

February 25 // The Leaf Label

This is dark and intense. I generally love Keeley Forsyth‘s music, and especially after her fantastic Debris, I was super stoked for Limbs. This album exceeded my expectations easily, and I urge y’all to check it out if you’re looking for something in between Spellling and Grouper.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Dark Worship – Flesh Of A Saint

February 25 // Tartarus Records

Dark and twisted, we premiered the title track of the album a while ago, and I knew we had something special here. Dark Worship is a special project, and Flesh Of A Saint is damn fine album if you are into noisy industrial.

Bandcamp // Youtube // Review

Blood Incantation – Timewave Zero

February 25 // Century Media Records

Timewave Zero is a fantastic album. I was really sceptical at first since I’m not the biggest synthwave fan, but Blood Incantation really pulled it off with that record. Also, I just love reading all those butthurt comments from ‘metalheads’ whining for riffs. Delicious!

Youtube // Review

Ikarus – Plasma

February 25 // Ronin Rhythm Records

I fucking love Ikarus. They are one of the best things in jazz right now; their discography is rich and colorful. Plasma is a breath of fresh air, while containing all the qualities the band already established. LISTEN TO THEM!


Like Lovers – Syntax

February 25 // ListenRecords

Well, this is a bit weird. This album dropped only for 10 days, and now we have to wait until it officially drops again later this year. Strange business move, but power to Jan Kerschner, the artist behind Like Lovers. Other than that, this album is a fucking masterpiece, equally as amazing as its predecessor was. Stunning work in every department.


Park Jiha – The Gleam

February 25 // Glitterbeat Records

Another Glitterbeat album! Park Jiha does beautiful music, and I love her previous album Communion and Philos. With The Gleam, she opens up her aural world even more, while progressing into even more compelling terroritories. Meditative and wonderful.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Mom Jeans. – Sweet Tooth

February 25 // Independent

So here is how it goes: go to YouTube and watch Mom Jeans.‘s phenomenal Audiotree session. Then, when you’ve fallen in love with the band, listen to everything they have released yet, and end with Sweet Tooth. You can send me gifts to Everything Is Noise‘s office.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Melt Yourself Down – Pray For Me I Don’t Fit In

February 25 // A Decca Records

This band is rad. And weird. And wild. Adventure jazz, here we come!


Deserta – Every Moment, Everything You Need

February 25 // Felte Records

All the moods. I wasn’t aware of a new Deserta album coming out, and it was well-appreciated. It’s just a great record with such a dense vibe. If you don’t get enough gaze, this will fix you.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Binker and Moses – Feeding The Machine

February 25 // Gearbox Records

I absolutely dissolved into Feeding The Machine. Once again, Binker and Moses delivered such an intense experience, and they should be on the map for every jazz fan. There is so much great stuff going on here with only drums, saxophones, and some super light electronic layers.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Conway The Machine – God Don’t Make Mistakes

February 25 // Shady Records

Wasn’t expecting to like the new Conway that much, but here we are. The general vibe on this record is so smooth and warm, with great bars and old school-y beats. It’s a great hip hop record in between masterpieces from Saba and the upcoming Denzel Curry.

Bandcamp // Youtube

caroline – caroline

February 25 // Rough Trade Records

I caught up on this album pretty late, and I sense this is already creating similar buzz like when black midi hit the scene. Once again… yeah, yeah, this is freaking awesome. One of the most interesting post-rock albums I’ve heard in years.

Bandcamp // Youtube

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