If you follow Everything Is Noise regularly (which you do, obviously), then you will know that you will only find high-quality premieres here. So, should a band make their way back for a second premiere, it could only be a good thing, right? That’s exactly what we have today, as we welcome back dark jazz masters Taumel, who you might recall from a previous live video premiere. Today, Everything Is Noise is beyond excited to bring you another magnificent live session from the four-piece.

“Lost in Space” aims to unsettle from the early stages, with the prominent brass of Manuel Viehmann taking the lead initially. The camera pans slowly around the room, mimicking the relaxed drum and guitar playing that provides the underbelly to the introduction and throughout the rest of the track. Viehmann takes a back seat for the next section, allowing the interplay of guitarist Boris Nicolai and rhodes player Akob Diehl to shine through.

There is a laziness to “Lost in Space”, Taumel letting the track float and meander, with subtle changes within movements mainlining the listener’s interest. The simple two-camera, grayscale visual accompaniment is fitting, giving us the opportunity to witness the chemistry between members without the need for overwhelming or overstated imagery. This simple camera work gives space to the slow build-up of the track, with sporadic close-ups complementing increasing intensity. As the track reaches its climax, the camera becomes less steady and the music louder and more rhythmic, a final few chords leading to silence and a wish to hear more.

Thankfully, there is lots more to hear! “Lost In Space” is taken from the recently released Now We Stay Forever Lost In Space Together, which came out February 18, 2022 via Tonzonen Records. This is available to buy in both physical and digital editions via the Taumel Bandcamp page, where you can also take a listen to previous releases. While you are getting to know the band, make sure you are following them on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with news and future releases.

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