taumel’s session video for their track “away” is the perfect combination of suspense and minimalism. The duo that started the band, Sven Pollkötter and Jakob Diehl, say that they ‘formed taumel out of their desire to make music into dialogue and without any limits and taboos’, which is demonstrated very well in this track. They are able to create an atmosphere which you are thrown into as soon as you press play.

Off their debut album there is no time to run away from here, the song “away” is quite slow and eerie. It includes a relaxed jazz beat, occasional flugelhorn solos, and clashing chords between the piano and guitar. Joined for the record by Boris Nicolai on guitar and Manuel Viehmann on flugelhorn, everyone’s control – specifically Viehmann’s flugelhorn playing – is impressive. Nothing is hurried, everyone is locked in, and the empty space creates the unnerving feeling that comes with doom jazz.

there is no time to run away from here is described as being a ‘jazzy, slow minimalistic instrumental sound through a quartet of piano/Rhodes, guitar, flugelhorn, and drums. The compositions are full of contrasts and breaks and the duo plays special attention to the storytelling within the album’. It is evident through their session video that contrasts and breaks are at the forefront of their music. They use these elements just enough to capture the feeling they are trying to create, which reminds me of the music accompanying a suspenseful scene in a film. taumel are also not afraid to bask in this feeling, for the track “away” is over eight minutes long.

Their album is distributed through Soulfood and is out now on all major streaming platforms. With the release of the above session video today, taumel are sure to immerse listeners in the haunting atmosphere they have created. Follow taumel’s Facebook and Instagram for updates on upcoming releases and find their music on Bandcamp!

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