Something that seems to help all of us get through our toughest times, worst decisions, less-than-proud moments, or struggles of any variation, is and always will be – good music. Nothing soundtracks a comeback quite like a powerful, layered instrumental. With today’s premiere? Million Moons are giving us just that, via the track “Endure, Overcome”!

A track that begins like the audible equivalent of a glimmer of hope you see twinkling on the horizon, this one quickly builds into something much bigger and textured. With electronic glitches, bassy stabs, and a crescendo of guitars and synths, it recharges you with all the energy you’d ever need to take on whatever the day may bring. While the song is fairly brief and purely instrumental, it leaves a lot of impact in its 3-minute-fifty-four-seconds duration.

The inspirational factor that I hear and see within this song seems to be a centerpiece of sorts for the full album its attached to. Releasing July 5th, 2024, I May Be Some Time, is modeled right after the story of Captain Lawrence Oates, who commits a ‘selfless act of sacrifice‘ as he fared a blizzard he unfortunately did not return from. The album’s post-rocky goodness encompasses and ode to the Captain, and to all brave spirits who go forth despite whatever the odds may be. To be so bold, even knowing what your fate may be, is certainly a point of inspiration.

‘Inspired by the final words of Antarctic explorer Captain Lawrence Oates and his selfless act of sacrifice, I May Be Some Time is the captivating new album from London based instrumental post-rock to Million Moons. A breathtaking immersive experience, I May Be Some Time is a tribute to people like him, who hear the call of adventure and risk it all to carve a path into the unknown. Its seven tracks are designed to take the listener on a musical voyage, inviting you to picture the trials and tribulations of a crew retracing Oates footsteps – and perhaps ultimately meeting the same fate.

‘The bravery and ingenuity the tragedy and nobility are all captured within the superbly structured sounds of tracks such as “Endure, Overcome” with its surging emotion and power rising from fragile, frozen emptiness. The dramatic, terrible beauty of the landscape is summoned into life by the shifting winds of Voice of the Wild – the awe-inspiring vistas the vast open skies and the vicious blood-freezing spirit draining cold.’

The power within just this track alone is just about as palpable as the story it takes after. Spanning 7 tracks, this is just one ethereal phase of an entire crescent cycle of dreamy goodness. Spin “Endure, Overcome” multiple times to continually entice your tastebuds on what is to come, but be sure to follow Million Moons and preorder your copy of I May Be Some Time via their Bandcamp, Instagram, or Facebook! Looking forward to more from these dream-weavers…



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