The Ides of March is already gone, and we are already a few days into April – perfert timing to look back at all the fantastic releases March had to offer. Usually, the first month of spring brings in tons of great music, so it was tough to nail it down for THE NOISE OF. But I managed to get the best of the best, of course.

Mildlife – Chorus

March 1 // Heavenly Recordings

It’s all about the vibe, dude! Australian cosmic disco jazz (well, okay) outfit Mildlife always gets you moving with their haze-inducing hip swaying, and Chorus is no exception. Those vibes!

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Daniel Herskedal – A Single Sunbeam

March 1 // E2 Music

Isn’t it a bit of a downer to sit down every day, feeling a bit confused and hopeless, only driven by this one thought: “I need more tuba in my life“? Luckily, there is a new album by Daniel Herskedal, one of Norway’s finest tuba players, to give you meaning. Phew, I’m so glad I got to share that with you!

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Punchlove – Channels

March 1 // Kanine Records

A bunch of naughty boys knew that I’m a sucker for ’90s alternative rock, and they made an album full of it! I’m just a normal man, so how am I able to withstand it?

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Julian Lage – Speak To Me

March 1 // Blue Note Records

Julian Lage‘s involvement with Cautious Clay‘s last album, Karpeh, really rekindled my admiration for his music, so I was excited for Speak To Me. It feels like Lage has really discovered some chops he loves outside of jazz (more or less) and incorporated them into his music. And how well it worked!

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Jacob Collier – Djesse Vol. 4

March 1 // Hajanga

In the early days of Jacob Collier‘s rise to fame, I was quite critical of him. Undoubtedly over the moon talented, but writing memorable songs wasn’t his strong suit. My opinion changed drastically with Djesse Vol. 2 and 3, which toned down the flashiness and weird harmonies in favor of just good damn songs. And while Vol. 4 doesn’t quite reach that level, it continues a musical journey that I’ve grown very fond of watching progress.

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Gulfer – Third Wind

March 1 // Topshelf Records

Much like the old math rock daddies of American Football, Gulfer got less mathy and shreddy over the years in favor of heartfelt, Midwestern emo-tinged songs, with only the occasional guitar noodling here and there – which I still appreciate.

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Faye Webster – Underdressed at the Symphony

March 1 // Secretely Canadian

Less country than her previous material, Faye Webster‘s latest is artful indie-folk with a dash of slacker Tori Amos on top. Wild, but very, very beautiful. And yeah, a little twang, I give you that.

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convulsing – perdurance

March 1 // Independent

New convulsing drops out of nowhere. Artsy metal underground goes crazy. The circle of life. Nature is amazing.

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Amaro Freitas – Y’Y

March 1 // Psychic Hotline

Didn’t you think “hey, that’s The Weeknd” when you saw the cover? Luckily, this is the new Amaro Freitas, a Brazilian jazz pianist who makes WAY more interesting music than The Weeknd. This album is an utterly intense journey from start to finish, and if you have the tiniest jazzy bone in your body, get on it.

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Kollapse – AR

March 8 // Fysisk Format

It’s actually a crime that only a few underground publications have talked about this album, which is nothing less than one of the best post metal albums of the year. Kollapse have shown glimpses of their potential on previous recordings, but with AR, the band has proven that they are masters of their craft. LISTEN!

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Slimelord – Chytridiomycosis Relinquished

March 8 // 20 Buck Spin

Slime is cool! Kids know that, and why not trust the wisdom and judgment of kids. So when a band’s name is Slimelord, it’s really hard not to like them right away – and when they put some super nasty, super tasty death metal riffs on the table, it’s even harder.

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Moor Mother – The Great Bailout

March 8 // Anti- Records

I’m a serious Camae Ayewa fanboy, so getting excited about a new Moor Mother album is a given. Every new step in her artistic journey is a blessing to us, and The Great Bailout is a dark and disturbing take on hip-hop.

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Pettersson – Ashen Plain

March 11 // Zegema Beach/I. Corrupt/others

Blackend skramz from Vienna. Once again the involvement of the beloved Zegema Beach proves to be a seal of quality. The Skramz train continues. Great stuff.

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Weston Super Maim – See You Tomorrow Baby

March 15 // Independent

The lovechild of Meshuggah and Frontierer that doesn’t take itself too seriously. This is stupid fun, stupid heavy and stupid mathy. Nothing revolutionary, but you don’t need that. Sometimes you just want to have a good time and disrespect your surroundings.

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Night Verses – Every Sound Has A Color In The Valley Of Night: Part II

March 15 // Equal Vision Records

Part II of Night Verses‘ ambitious project is a clear demonstration of the band’s creative peak. Their approach to instrumental music is nothing short of astonishing, showcasing forward-thinking ideas that go beyond mere technical flashiness.

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Gouge Away – Deep Sage

March 15 // Deathwish Inc.

A really cool take on hardcore, with amazing punky and even grungy undertones. Also, this is probably my favorite Gouge Away release.

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Ganavya – like the sky I’ve been too quiet

March 15 // Native Rebel Recordings

An incredibly interesting mix of styles, fusing Indian classical music with Appalachian folk. Ganavya‘s new album is mesmerizing from start to finish, with sounds I can confidently say I’ve never heard before.

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blanket – Ceremonia

March 22 // Church Road Records

Adding a new shade of sound to each release, UK alt-rock outfit blanket have easily delivered one of the most entertaining and consistently smashing albums of the genre this year. Proving that the UK rock scene is very much alive and kicking, this band should be going places in no time.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Pindhar – A Sparkle On The Dark Water

March 22 // Fruits de Mer Records

As I mentioned before, good trip hop is hard to come by these days. So, as a big fan of trip hop, I naturally take any quality contribution with a grateful smile. Ever since we premiered one of Pindhar‘s videos, I have been impressed by their dedication to their art – and this album shows it.

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Civerous – Maze Envy

March 22 // 20 Buck Spin

Since Maze Envy was released on one of the best metal labels out there, 20 Buck Spin, it’s absolutely no surprise that this new album from Civerous is just fucking hits. It’s a series of heavy hits. A riff machine like no other.

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Halo Maud – Celebrate

March 22 // Heavenly Recordings

Dreamy, psychedelic, and charmingly silly, Halo Maud‘s new album is truly a cause for celebration. Brimming art-pop flows from slightly punky bursts of energy followed by eerie layers of hazy goodness. Great summer jam!

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Hamferð – Men Guðs Hond Er Sterk

March 22 // Metal Blade Records

Death, doom and elegance! Not many bands can combine these things as impressively as Hamferð. Hailing from the super-duper remote Faroe Islands, there is an unparalleled beauty to be found in the crushingly heavy riffs they sling.

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BRTHR – Brother

March 22 // Independent

I loved High Time For Loners, the previous album from Stuttgart, Germany-based indie soul outfit BRTHR. With their new album, Brother, the duo expands their warm and embracing sound into Americana roots.

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Grand Hotel Schilling – Polar

March 22 // RAIN Records

I always have a hard time with German lyrics. Since German is my native language, I can just cut off and ignore the lyrics like I can with English. Every now and then there are some bands with German lyrics that make it – and Grand Hotel Schilling is one of them. If you like acts like Bilderbuch or Von Wegen Lisbeth, then this is for you.

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Restorations – Restorations

March 22 // Independent

The soft spot for this band is still strong. LP5000 was one of my favorite albums of 2018, and I’ve been eagerly awaiting this new one. And they are still amazing.


Julia Holter – Something in the Room She Moves

March 22 // Domino

Oh, Julia Holter. You have charmed me once again. Have You In My Wilderness is probably one of my all-time favorites, and every new entry in her discography is a gain for humanity. There is simply no one else than Julia, nothing sounds like what she does. I’m happy to experience her artistry and look forward to her future endeavors.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Jlin – Akoma

March 22 // Planet Mu

Jlin has always been a visionary in electronica, creating some of the most interesting and textured electronic music around. With her new album, Akoma, it gets raw and industrial, and the complex sequences are intricate and compelling.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Vorga – Beyond The Palest Star

March 29 // Transcending Obscurity Records

I have to make that joke again. I know it’s corny, but my hands are tied. Black Metal….IN SPACE!

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Frail Body – Artificial Bouquet

March 29 // Deathwish Inc.

Artificial Bouquet is Frail Body‘s most difficult release to love. Nevertheless, it’s rewarding to get into it. The album still carries the Skramz roots that the band built their sound on in their earlier material, but there is no noise and hardcore and other stuff on top of it, which just makes it a bit more complex and less straightforward. If you don’t like it right away, be patient.

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OLOMUHD – The Absurd Silence of a Mute World

March 29 // Cyclic Law

One song, over 40 minutes in length. That is like catnip to me. The music is also good. Stupendously good, to be honest.

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Barely Civil – I’d Say I’m Not Fine

March 29 // Take This To Heart Records

Post-indie with strong emo vibes? Some charming guitar noodling, cool riffs, math rock runs, moments of calm? This is a collection of fantastic elements, and Barely Civil put these elements together so delicately that it’s basically impossible not to fall in love with this album.

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sonhos tomam conta – corpos de água

March 29 // Independent

Who would have thought that bossa nova and dream pop would make such a great combination? sonhos tomam conta is a fantastic project that has been making good music for a long time, but this is the best album yet.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Meijar – Alles gut.

March 29 // Independent

Adding more eyes and lushness to a sound that could be traced back to German post-hardcore outfit Fjørt, Meijar show fantastic potential with this wonderful EP. Good sound, good songs. Give me more!

Bandcamp // Youtube

gglum – The Garden Dream

March 29 // Secretely Canadian

I got lost in the fascinating contrasts that The Garden Dream has to offer. The combination of a kind of garage-y indie rock with art-pop sensibilities is something that’s missing from a lot of playlists, and you should definitely give it a try.

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