Imagine yourself existing as a being in the deep ocean, sunless, cold, immense pressure, deafening silence surrounding you as you float about, directionless and seeking whatever nourishment should fall from sunny heights where things grow. Before you emerges a little light. You’re drawn to it. It could be precious food. It could be a lurking danger. You know not, but for the endless abyss around you, nothing could present itself as more compelling.

It is in this hopeless pursuit that we find the depths of Milan’s trip-hop duo PINHDAR in their latest and gorgeous song and video “Little Light”. Check it out below!

Directed by Talavaya Reyniolds and featuring stunning choreography from Tiathui Maza, the video opens with silence and a slow motion figure descending into the blue. Blindfolded dancers masterfully work in the azure room, blindfolded, sometimes bagged, while the cold wave synths and beats uncover their pulsating and enveloping embrace. For as goth-adjacent as “Little Light” is, there is great warmth in Cecilia Meradoli’s voice as she sings, ‘You are my little light/ you are my sensibility‘.

There is a Jarboe fronting a chilled-out Lycia quality to “Little Light,” equally at home in quiet headphone contemplation and on a sweaty goth prom dance floor. Where darkness surrounds us, may there be a little light that guides our souls to the next chapter, whatever that may be. Maza’s choreography feels like a beacon of bright movement in a private performance in a black box theatre, carrying all the fluidity, unease, and emotional heft that the song demands.

PINHDAR is Cecilia Maradoli and Max Tarenzi who released their first album in 2019. “Little Light” follows the Portishead-esque “Humans” as the second single from PINHDAR‘s upcoming album on Fruits De Mer. Follow PINHDAR on Facebook, Instagram, and Bandcamp.

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