As soon as I read the name of the band whose new music video we’re premiering today, I had a hunch what I might be in for upon clicking play. Garlands just evokes a certain specific shade of dreamy melancholy, you know? I’m fairly certain it’s meant to be an allusion to Cocteau Twins‘ 1982 début record, where dream pop as we know it today rose from its cradle. To brand Garlands as mere revenants of a time long gone is far from my intention, though; their sound firmly establishes them as a distinct entity – even though their far-reaching influences (they cite bands like The Velvet Underground, Spacemen 3, Lush, and Neu! amongst their inspirations) do occasionally rear their heads in their music. But who says that’s meant to be a bad thing?

Catharina Rüß and Sui Kemmer are the two driving forces behind Garlands. Their roots lie in the somnambulant soundscapes of dream pop, shoegaze, and krautrock, which results in a uniquely calming yet psychedelic sound that’s hard to nail down but easy to enjoy. Especially their use of harmonized vocals and flutes sets them apart from other acts in their general spheres.

“Polar Zones” reflects their dynamic quite well, drawing the listener in with billowing wafts of psychedelia and dreamy vocals. It feels like floating on a cloud, careless and secure. The accompanying music video picks up on some of those cues, including shots of clouds, muted but moody colors, and vibrant effects. Before I chew your ear off about it, though, how about you get acquainted with Garlands for yourself now?

This song comes off the duo’s upcoming record Turn The Sky, which is due out on June 14 via La Pochette Surprise Records. Together with a select choice of guest musicians, Rüß and Kemmer recorded a nocturnal, drifting album that also reflects on some of their personal interests through its sound and lyricism: ‘Sui and I are fascinated by astrophysics. This is also reflected in our songs, in which the universe sometimes proves to be a place of longing and sometimes a realm of dark forces.

If the sounds and images above were at all to your liking, I suggest following Garlands on social media (Facebook | Instagram) and check them out over at Spotify as well. As I mentioned earlier, “Polar Zones” will be included on their upcoming record Turn The Sky, so if this appetizer got you hungry for more, be sure to stick around for the full-course meal on June 14!

Dominik Böhmer

Dominik Böhmer

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