Yadda yadda yadda great month yadda yadda yadda lots of great releases yadda yadda April. At this point, we all know the drill. Inter gives you tons of good music. Enjoy.

The Mercury Tree – Spidermilk

April 4 // Unsigned

After a bit of a letdown with their last output, microtonal proggers The Mercury Tree are back at full speed with a burst of creativity and energy.


Waste Of Space Orchestra – Syntheosis

April 5 // Svart Records

When two bands like Oranssi Pazuzu and Dark Buddha Rising are teaming up for collaborative album, you can bet that you are in for a wild ride. It’s pretty trippy as well.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Latitudes – Part Island

April 5 // Debemur Morti Productions 

Beauty bottled up and condensed. Take a sip and get drunk of it.

Bandcamp // Youtube // Review

Town Portal – Of Violence

April 5 // Subsubsurban | Small Pond | Art As Catharsis

The Danish math rockers are back with a blast!

Bandcamp // Youtube // Review

Ikarus – Mosaismic

April 5 // Ronin Rhythm Records

This is an absolute masterclass in what jazz can be today. Every fan of the genre has to put Switzerland’s Ikarus on their radar. Absolutely phenomenal.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Raketkanon – RKTKN #3

April 5 // Beth Shalom Records/Alcopop Records

These guys are a fucking treasure.

Bandcamp // Youtube // Review

Hania Rani – Esja

April 5 // Gondwana Records

An incredibly rich soundscape, founded and surrounded by gentle and floating melodies.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Joep Beving – Henosis

April 5 // Deutsche Grammophon

Another fantastic modern classical output by this outstanding musician.


Lee Fields & The Expressions – It Rains Love

April 5 // Big Crown Records

We need more soul.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Shamin – fine gnaw

April 6 // Unsigned

Absolutely phenomenal jazz duo from Brisbane, Australia. One of those projects that don’t get a lot of attention, but are absolutely worth your time. Exciting, compelling, and powerful.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Omar Apollo – Friends

April 10 // Unsigned

Soulful, funky tunes with soothing and smooth vocal lines. Thanks Omar.


Blankenberge – More

April 10 // Elusive Sound

Dreamy shoegaze from Russia. Absolutely beautiful.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Yorushika – Dakara Boku wa Ongaku wo Yameta

April 10 // U&R Records 

I love every second of this record. Ultra catchy math rock – those riffs, those hooks! Just stunning.


Hath – Of Rot And Ruin

April 12 // Willowtip Records

If you want to listen to only one death metal album in 2019, make it this one. Bleak, proggy, dark, heavy.

Bandcamp // Youtube // Review

Numenorean – Adore

April 12 // Season Of Mist

Like I’ve mentioned in earlier episodes, 2019 is shaping up to be a great year for black metal. The fact that Numenorean‘s latest still is one of the best says a lot about its extraordinary quality.

Bandcamp // Youtube // Review

Inter Arma – Sulphur English

April 12 // Relapse Records

I was skeptical when I heard the first single off this album, but damn did the whole record change that impression! Probably one of the most consistently great metal bands on the planet right now. Inter Arma are magnificent.

Bandcamp // Youtube // Review

Spirit Desire – Cause The Sun Is Gone

April 12 // Midsummer Records

Really powerful and grungy alternative rock from Austria. Sweet little gem!


Zvi – Deer Pink

April 12 // Nefarious Industries

A legend.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Earthquake Lights – Distress Signals

April 12 // Unsigned

Beautiful indie with post-rock and jazz elements, beautiful vocals, and a very warm sound.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Black Flower – Future Flora

April 12 // Sdban Records

This is why we need jazz. Open up for it.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Bibio – Ribbons

April 12 // Warp Records

After some successful experiments, Bibio is back with his most folky record in a while. I wanna wrap myself in that sound.


Anderson .Paak – Ventura

April 12 // 12 Tone Music | Aftermath

Back in action.


In Autumnus – Manilla In The Claws Of Light

April 12 // Unsigned

Give me more black metal.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Younger Us – Tired Tried

April 12 // Day By Day Records

Skramz-y post-hardcore is my jam!

Bandcamp // Youtube

Bather – Bather

April 12 // Appalachian Noise Records

One of the greatest metal records of the year so far, and that in a month with a new Inter Arma album!

Bandcamp // Youtube

Delta Sleep – Ghost City Rarities

April 13 // Big Scary Monsters

More Delta Sleep is always good. Delta Sleep with Tricot is even better.

Youtube // Review

Exuviated – Déliquescence

April 13 // Unsigned

Fantastic little death metal gem for fans of modern, atmospheric stuff like Ulcerate!

Bandcamp // Youtube

Julinko – Néktar

April 15 // Toten Schwan Records | Stoned To Death Records

It’s a real shame that only a few people heard this record. Without a doubt, this is one of the best releases in 2019 so far, packed with great melodies, crushingly heavy moments, and beautiful vocal performances.


Haze Magic – Chronicles

April 19 // Grimoire Records

This stuff is weird fantasy stoner rock, and I fucking love it.


Druids – Monument

April 19 // The Company

Fans of Mastodon will love this.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Fractal Universe – Rhizomes Of Insanity

April 19 // Metal Blade Records

Absolutely fantastic prog death metal, not the typical heartless, overly technical stuff you usually encounter with prog and tech-death nowadays. Really refreshing.

Bandcamp // Youtube // Review

Loyle Carner – Not Waving, But Drowning

April 19 // Universal

Album of the year so far.


Wand – Laughing Matter

April 19 // Drag City

This band is an adventure!

Bandcamp // Youtube

Sloan Peterson – Midnight Love, Vol. 2

April 19 // Mirror Records

Just pure comfort.


Pivot Gang – You Can’t Sit With Us

April 19 // Pivot Gang

Outstanding hip hop release.


Nabowa – Dusk

April 24 // AWDR/LR2

Well, this is Japanese math rock. At this point of our relationship, that says enough, right?

Bandcamp // Youtube

Poil – Sus

April 26 // Dur Et Doux 

What else is there to say about this band? Listen!

Bandcamp // Youtube // Review

Alfa Mist – Structuralism

April 26 // Sekito

Relaxed and rich soundscapes. Beautiful.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Avandra – Descender

April 26 // Blood Music

Emotional prog for fans of Cynic. One of the final releases of the great Blood Music.

Bandcamp // Youtube // Review

Spotlights – Love & Decay

April 26 // Ipecac Recordings

Fantastic doomgaze from a band that just gets better and better. Dive in!

Bandcamp // Youtube // Review

Lost In Kiev – Persona

April 26 // Pelagic Records

Spacey, cinematic post-rock from France. A really mesmerizing album, and a great experience.

Bandcamp // Youtube // Review

Isbjörg – Iridescent

April 26 // Unsigned

Very nice prog in the vein of Agent Fresco and Leprous.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Maraton – Meta

April 26 // Indie Recording

Energetic and exciting. A really fun album!


Kukangendai – Palm

April 26 // Ideologic Organ

Weird and really charming math rock from Japan. Yeah…I know.


Helms Alee – Noctiluca

April 26 // Sargent House 

Blending progressive rock and doom in an unique way, Helm Alee delivered what could be considered the best release of their career.

Bandcamp // Youtube // Review

Vsitor – Keep On Running

April 26 // Red Brick Chapel

Every song is a journey into urban soundscapes. Captivating.

Bandcamp // Youtube

RAIC – Lamentations

April 26 // Unsigned

Jazz, ambient, black metal. Improv. Oh boy. Their second full-length this year, and equally great as the first.


Sunn O))) – Life Metal

April 26 // Southern Lord

I always adored them as a live band. This is the first album they released that I love without having experienced it on stage.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Noya Rao – Owls

April 26 // Gondwana Records

Great tunes between indie pop and neo-soul.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Potence – Le Culte Des Bourreaux

April 26 // Dingleberry Records


Bandcamp // Youtube

Otoboke Beaver – Itekoma Hits

April 26 // Damnably

Frantic and powerful Japanese garage rock/punk.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Matt Martians – The Last Party

April 26 // 3qtr



Local Natives – Violet Street

April 26 // Loma Vista Recordings

Phenomenally rich sounds and magnificent tunes!


Ezra Collective – You can’t Steal My Joy

April 26 // Enter The Jungle

Jazz is about life; it’s vibrant, surprising, energetic. This record is life.

Bandcamp // Youtube

beabadoobee – Loveworm

April 26 // Dirty Hit

Sweet bedroom pop!


Amon Tobin – Fear In A Handful Of Dust

April 26 // Nordmark

A legend is back.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Aldous Harding – Designer

April 26 // 4AD

With wit and heart, this album simply storms you.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Thanks for scrolling. You can find The Noise Of April 2019 Spotify playlist down below!

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