July tortured me with heat. I hate heat. When the thermometer screams 30°C or more, I’m out of here. The air feels like jello when it’s that hot. In those demanding times, I’m glad I can lean on my good ol’ wiggly air, and let me tell (and show) you how many great albums July had to offer!

Știu Nu Știu – New Sun

July 1 // Heavy Psych Sounds

This band is my best-kept secret – I’m obviously far from being the only one who loves Ştiu Nu Ştiu, but I’ve been nagging my mates with them for years. They released great stuff constantly, and their new album is no exception. It’s hard to describe their sound. Best thing would be you simply check them out.

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The Bearer – Chained to a Tree

July 1 // Silent Pendulum Records

What’s not to love about this fantastic early-Every Time I Die/’90s metalcore/rough mathcore sound? The Bearer is nothing you never heard before, but I’ll be damned if it isn’t a fun time.

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Blood Command – Praise Armageddonism

July 1 // Hassle Records

Probably the most fun I’ve had with an album in July. There are some songs that are a tad boring and by the numbers, but most of the tracks are colorful and full of energy. If you wanna have a relatively easy-going, energetic bunch of songs, there is no way around Blood Command.

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Moor Mother – Jazz Codes

July 1 // Anti- Records

Camae Ayewa aka Moor Mother is probably one of the reasons I developed such a deep love for hip hop, on top of being one of the people I admire the most within the realm of said genre. The sheer spectrum of sounds and styles she brings to her art is simply astonishing, and Jazz Codes is one of my favorite offerings from her so far.

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Ghost Woman – Ghost Woman

July 1 // Full Time Hobby

Trying to wrap words around this magical record is a herculean task. There is something truly special going on with Ghost Woman‘s self-titled – it’s vibrant, dark, twisted, and immersive.

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Bedlocked – Bedlocked

July 7 // Indepedent

You can taste the haze this record sonically evaporates in your throat. The sound of this great gem is so damn on point that you’re just there to give in and dissolve into this fantastic display of bedroomgaze. Chef’s kiss sweaty, hazey gaze.

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Caterina Barbieri – Spirit Exit

July 8 // light-years

Spirit Exist lays a thick layer of dense soundcsapes over you. It’s up to you if you cuddle into it like a warm blanket or get yourself suffocated.

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Anna Butterss – Activities

July 8 // Colorfield Records

So smooth, so sweet. A record I’m spinning for weeks now, and I just can’t stop. With sprinkles of indie and folk, this is a jazz record at heart – it’s just disguised very well. A beautiful album.


The Wind in the Trees – Architects of Light

July 15 // Twelve Gauge Records

I’ve been following The Wind in the Trees for quite some time now, being a big fan of their skramzy, grindy, and mathy vibes. With Architects of Light, the band did another leap forward as one of the most interesting acts within their style.

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Travie McCoy – Never Slept Better

July 15 // Hopeless Records

This record makes me feel good. Wonderful flow, great bars. What a comeback album by the New Yorker!

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Lera Lynn – Something More Than Love

July 15 // Independent

There is so much warmth and comfort to be found within Somehing More Than Love. Not necessarily original, but oh so well done. Stellar production, and a great collection of songs.


black midi – Hellfire

July 15 // Rough Trade Records

Not necessarily the best black midi album, and the first one that feels a tiny bit style over substance. Still, this stuff is very great if you are into experimental rock. I really hope the working on their songwriting in the future and don’t look at their records as a weirdness contest.

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beabadoobee – Beatopia

July 15 // Dirty Hit

The branch of power pop/grunge/’90s alt rock with a female vocalist is a bit… stale by now. There are tons of project that all sound pretty much the same. What keeps beabadoobee away from the generic monotony is their ability to write proper songs – and Beatopia, their newest album, is packed with them.

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Ashenspire – Hostile Architecture

July 15 // Aural Music

Ashenspire got this special flavoring. Some might call it ‘avant-garde’ – I think it’s just what progressive metal should be. Hostile Architecture is forward-thinking, compelling, and sometimes hard to digest. But, and that’s the catch, ultimately rewarding.

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Imperial Triumphant – Spirit Of Ecstasy

July 22 // Century Media Records

There is nothing like Imperial Triumphant. You have to experience them. Spirit Of Ecstasy is future metal. We aren’t ready for it.

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Wailin Storms – The Silver Snake Unfolds

July 22 // Gilead Media

You what goes well together? Blues rock, black metal, and sludge. Don’t believe me? Listen to The Silver Snake Unfolds and thank me later.

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Pool Kids – Pool Kids

July 22 // Skeletal Lightning

You take the catchiness of Tiny Moving Parts, throw out the pop punk and add a bit more indie vibes to it, and you might be close to the magic of Pool Kids. I can see people who have no connection to math rock whatsoever getting into this album, using it as a gateway. This record is fucking catchy and well-written, it’s unreal.

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Bastions – Majestic Desolation

July 29 // Church Road Records

This just slaps real good.

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Ithaca – They Fear Us

July 29 // Hassle Records

Probably the biggest leap in quality I’ve ever experienced from one album to another. I never cared that much for Ithaca, but damn, they knocked it out of the park with They Fear Us. One of the most interesting and well-made heavy records of the year.

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of Montreal – Freewave Lucifer f<ck f^ck f>ck

July 29 // Polyvinyl Records

Wild band, which I love a lot. Their last album already won me over, and their newest output only solidifies how awesome they are. Really magical and colorful music.

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Chat Pile – God’s Country

July 29 // The Flenser

When we are looking back at this decade in a couple of years, I’m pretty sure we will talk about God’s Country. For now, it’s best to just enjoy what’s gonna be a cult classic in the future. Chat Pile is a MUST-LISTEN!

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Florist – Florist

July 29 // Double Double Whammy

A gift that keeps giving. Back in 2017, If Blue Could Be Happiness hit me really hard, and this projects continues being amazing. A fantastic band.

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DOMi & JD BECK – Not Tight

July 29 // Blue Note

There is always some disconnect from artists who seem to target an Instagram/TikTok kind of audience. Often, those artist tend to slack with a style over substance approach to art. This might be the case with DOMi & JD BECK here and there, but with Not Tight, they proved my assumption wrong, plain and simple. With some killer features and a great take on modern jazz, there is no way around this duo.


Buttering Trio – Foursome

July 29 // Raw Tapes

Aside from the great name, this jazz trio from Tel Aviv, Isreal is a neat treat. Smooth like butter (duh) nu jazz, with great layers of electronica and an overall great pulse.

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Baum Sae – Communication

July 29 // Independent

Fantastic project featuring South Korean percussionist Soojin Suh and vocalist Borim Kim. This take on jazz with South Korean instruments makes for a very interesting fusion, and I can’t wait to explore it even further.

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