WOOOO! 2020 takes no prisoners. January was already a strong month, and February just powered through with tons of great records. As usual, I’ve gathered my favorite listens of the past month and curated a list of great records from fantastic artists for you to enjoy. Please tell me about your most precious February releases in the comments!

Spanish Love Songs – Brave Faces Everyone

February 7 // Pure Noise Records

I love the fact that more often than not, you just need some good songs. Nothing special. Just good songs.


Sunda Arc – Tides

February 7 // Gondwana Records

Sometimes it’s electronica, sometimes it’s jazz. Most importantly, it’s more of the sum of its parts.

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Sons Of A Wanted Man – Kenoma

February 7 // Les Acteurs de L’Ombre Productions

The best black metal album of the year. You’ve heard it here first.

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So Soon, The Truth – Were You Ever Really There?

February 7 // Cardigan Records

Every moment on this record is put together with so much care, passion, and attention for detail. A great experience from start to finish, and a must-listen for everyone who misses a certain level of elegance in modern post-hardcore.


Poolside – Low Season

February 7 // Pacific Standard Records

Just the epitome of smoothness. Enjoy the ride – you’ll have the sun in your face 24/7.

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Obongjayar – Which Way is Forward?

February 7 // September Recordings

Somewhere between soul, afrobeat, dub, and fusion, this album is full of power and inspiration.


Loathe – I Let It In And It Took Everything

February 7 // SharpTone Records

To be honest, this album worships Deftones like crazy, and it does it so damn well.

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Boldy James – The Price Of Tea In China

February 7 // Mass Appeal Records

Some damn fine hip hop. Good beats, good lines.

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Blaer – Yellow

February 7 // Ronin Rhythm Records

RRR is always a place for great music, so the amazing compositions on Yellow weren’t a surprise. Still, there was a level of grace within those songs which developed a jaw-dropping stream of energy. Jazz heaven.


Khruangbin & Leon Bridges – Texas Sun

February 7 // Dead Oceans/Columbia

Those are four of the coolest songs you’ll hear in 2020. Case closed.

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Pornohelmut – Bang Lord

February 14 // Atypeek

This is some wild Igorrr-type shit. And it’s great!

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The Heliocentrics – Infinity Of Now

February 14 // Madlib Invazion

Awesome little jazz gem!

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Drama – Dance Without Me

February 14 // Ghostly International

Soulful vocals, great songwriting, and tasteful indie pop anthems. Listen to this album!


Jida – Lucid

February 18 // Waltzsofa

An urban romantic with beautiful r’n’b.

Youtube // Review

Vasa – Heroics

February 21 // Dome A Records

There is so much fun and energy in this record – every fan of modern instrumental music should give this a spin!

Bandcamp // Youtube

InTechnicolour – Big Sleeper

February 21 // Big Scary Monsters/Art As Catharsis

Big Sleeper took me by surprise. It’s incredible refreshing to hear those typical modern stoner rock trademarks injected with tons of playful fun and careless energy. Will spin this throughout the summer.

Bandcamp // Youtube // Review

Sightless Pit – Grave Of A Dog

February 21 // Thrill Jockey

This is a nightmare in the best sense.

Bandcamp // Youtube // Review

Rose Cousins – Bravado

February 21 // Outside Music

An incredible charming and narritively rich indie pop album.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Pat Metheny – From This Place

February 21 // Nonesuch Records

Sometimes, an old dog teaches you some new tricks. Take a bow in front of the maestro.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Moses Sumney – græ: Part 1

February 21 // Jagjaguwar

We don’t deserve him. Part I of what will be one of the greatest records of the year.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Bram De Looze – Colour Talk

February 21 // Sdban Records

Some fresh blood with pure energy and exciting ideas on this piano-driven jazz endeavour.

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Agnes Obel – Myopia

February 21 // Blue Note

Her presence, her elegance, and her sophisticated sense of composing are fucking astonishing.


Banoffee – Look at Us Now Dad

February 21 // Cascine

Charmingly weird.

Bandcamp // Youtube

The Giving Shapes – Earth Leaps Up

February 26 // elsewhere

What a joyful experience. Somewhere between folk and jazz, The Giving Shapes created an overlooked masterpiece that will easily become one of my favorite records of the year.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Kassa Overall – I THINK I’M GOOD

February 28 // Brownswood Recordings

A very jazz-dominated episode of The Noise Of, but look at those releases! Kassa Overall shows why jazz is a shape-shifting force of nature, neither old nor young, just a breath of life.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Soccer Mommy – Color Theory

February 28 // Loma Vista Recordings

A collection of some of the best songs I’ve heard in a little while. That vibe!

Bandcamp // Youtube // Review

Insect Ark – The Vanishing

February 28 // Profound Lore Records

Insect Ark just reinvented themselves without changing much of their sonic identity. But damn, did they master it.

Bandcamp // Youtube // Review

Takeleave – Belonging

February 28 // HHV Label

Did we talk about jazz having been pretty strong in February yet? No? What a travesty. This record is really great, and it’s pretty jazzy. And dancy. You know, really good.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Leo Takami – Felis Catus and Silence

February 28 // Unseen Worlds

Just put this on and enjoy.


Franc Moody – Dream in Colour

February 28 // Juicebox Recordings

Don’t resist, just move to the beat and dance.


Thanks for scrolling. Keep it safe and healthy.

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