Especially in times of confusion and uncertainty, we can always rely on music. We can rely on colorful, exciting releases dropping every week, for us to explore and admire. Since most of us have to stay home, I say we make the best of it and get head first into some of the finest March 2020 had to offer.

Please tell me about your favorite releases of the past months in the comments!

Bleach Day – as if always

March 6 // Birdwatcher Records

Beautiful, dreamy, shoegazy. Somewhere between the coziness of your bedroom and drifting through the night!

Bandcamp // YouTube

addy – Eclipse

March 6 // Topshelf Records

Sadly overlooked; the warmth and 90s sensibilities addy displayed on Eclipse reminds me of DusterMineral, or Pinback. Which is a great thing.

Bandcamp // YouTube

Ground Patrol – Geophone

March 6 // Art As Catharsis 

One of the most exciting, adventurous math rock bands out there, with their best release yet.

Bandcamp // YouTube // Review

Çub – Quais

March 6 // Atypeek Music/Others

Somewhere between Dawn Of Midi and Battles, this is dancier than it should be.

Bandcamp // YouTube

Sefrial – Sefrial

March 6 // Independent

This is just the right amount of a lot.


Pantha Du Prince – Conference Of Trees

March 6 // Modern Recordings

This feels like the most epic little gem ever.


Nadia Reid – Out of My Province

March 6 // Spacebomb

She’s one of the great songwriters of our time. Proven again.

Bandcamp // YouTube // Review

R.A.P. Ferreira – Purple Moonlight Pages

March 6 // Ruby Yacht

The best hip-hop in 2020 so far.

Bandcamp // YouTube

Space Camp – Overjoyed In This World

March 6 // Howling Frequency

This is nuts and I love it.

Bandcamp // YouTube

Haapoja – Mullan Keskeltä

March 6 // Nerve Altar

One of the few metal records which grabbed my attention lately. Just fucking on point, cold, grim, and bleak.

Bandcamp // YouTube // Review

Boneflower – Armour

March 9 // Zegema Beach/The Braves Records

This will go down as one of the best records of the year. It takes the best of screamo and skramzy post-hardcore, and melts it together with a vibrant production, nearly perfect melodies, and vocal performances.

Bandcamp // YouTube

Horse Lords – The Common Task

March 13 // Northern Spy Records

Compelling without lacking the fun. Best of both worlds.

Bandcamp // YouTube

Louis Prince – Thirteen

March 13 // Last Gang Records

There is so much to find in this record, and every discovery makes it richer and more adventurous.


Shabaka And The Ancestors – We Are Sent By History

March 13 // Impulse! Records

Shabaka Hutchings and his circle of extremely talented artists are the gift that keeps giving.


glåsbird – Norskfjǫrðr

March 14 // Whitelabrecs

glåsbird delivers some of the finest ambient in 2020, which transports you right to Icelandic-esque landscapes while keeping you warm and cozy.

Bandcamp // YouTube


March 18 // FRIENDSHIP.

They can’t do wrong. Fantastic math rock from Japan, proving again the richness of the musical culture.

YouTube // Review

Irreversible Entanglements – Who Sent You?

March 20 // International Anthem

Just give in and let the jazz happen. Beautiful work and intense drive.


Ian William Craig – Red Sun Through Smoke

March 20 // Fatcat Records

A real legend showing us how it’s done.

Bandcamp // YouTube

Haru Nemuri – Lovetheism

March 20 // 春ねむり

Songs full of excitement and joy, ecstatically crafted by one of Asia’s most interesting modern pop acts.


Colin Phils – Trust/Fall

March 20 // Post. Recordings

I admire it when math rock doesn’t indulge in flashy noodling, but actually displays well-written songs. This hidden gem is a great example for that, and every fan of Delta Sleep should check Colin Phils out.

Bandcamp // YouTube

iri – Sparkle

March 25 // Colourful Records

Infectiously dancy and funky, iri delivers her lines with a unique smoothness and confidence.


Wake – Devouring Ruin

March 27 // Translation Loss Records


Bandcamp // YouTube // Review

Chromb! – Le livre des merveilles

March 27 // Dur Et Doux

Let this fuck you up real good and turn your brain into some good ol’ scrambled eggs.

Bandcamp // YouTube // Review

Nick Storring – My Magic Dreams Have Lost Their Spell

March 27 // Orange Milk Records

My magic dreams are turned up to 11.

Bandcamp // YouTube

Vlad Holiday – Fall Apart With Me

March 27 // Independent

Coolness and elegance are key to the success of this great EP. A certain casual carelessness and tons of confidence.


Michael Vallera – Window In

March 27 // Denovali

Big fan of his work, and Michael Vallera‘s newest output didn’t disappoint. Very immersive, dense, and wonderful.


Void Of Sleep – Metaphora

March 27 // Aural Music

Those vocals! There is so much energy in those tunes, great stoner record!

Bandcamp // YouTube

Nicolas Jaar – Cenizas

March 27 // Other People

This record is like a comforting maze, and only Nicolas Jaar knows the way through it. But no worries, he guides you.


Mamaleek – Come & See

March 27 // The Flenser

Future music. We all need that bluesy black metal in our lives.

Bandcamp // YouTube

Hideto Sasaki & Toshiyuki Sekine Quartet + 1 – Stop Over

March 27 // BBC Music

This is kind of cheating, since the album actually got released back in 1976. But damn, it’s so good, and re-released for BBC‘s J Jazz Masterclass Series. So prepare for one of the best jazz records of 1976 and 2020.


All Partial – For

March 27 // Holy Roar Records

Nick from Pijn presents this beautiful piece of art to let us all share loneliness, so we can get through it more easily.

Bandcamp // YouTube

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