2020 is batshit crazy. Let’s focus on the last beacon of hope in this turmoil. October is usually one, if not the strongest month release-wise, so we are definitely in for a ride. Like, for real.

Rezn – Chaotic Divine

October 1 // Independent

Rezn caught my attention with their incredibly fascinating second album Calm Black Water back in 2018, and now they’re are back and effortlessly outdid themselves with Chaotic Divine. If you are searching for the finest noise the doom/psych/stoner scene has to offer in 2020, look no further.

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Legowelt – Unconditional Contours

October 2 // -OUS

For if you are craving some delicate vaporwave and a step into the weird world of plunderphonics. Every track is a twisted and fascinating musical experience, and every fan of compelling electronic music should check this out!

Bandcamp // YouTube

Echolot – Destrudo

October 2 // Sixteentimes Music

Remember when I told you that Rezn is the best thing in doom this year? Well, that statement didn’t last that long, since Echolot riffed over it and made themselves comfortable in the doom pantheon 2020. Only three songs, but to be fair, nearly 40 minutes of runtime. Doom, amirite?

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Slow Pulp – Moveys

October 9 // Winspear

If you read The Noise Of regularly, you may recognized my excitement for ’90s alt rock this year. There has been some great entries for that in the last month (looking at you, Soccer Mommy), and there possibly will be some more in this installment (looking at you, beabadoobee), but for now, let’s just enjoy the greatness of Moveys, the new album by Wisconsin-based band Slow Pulp.

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Mallory Merk – Strangers

October 9 // Field Trip Records

There is nothing much to say here. This EP has some fucking awesome pop songs on it and you should check them out.


Bastien Keb – The Killing of Eugene Peebs

October 9 // Gearbox Records

While routinely listening to some new releases, I started playing The Killing Of Eugene Peebs. And I couldn’t stop for a long while. Stuff like this happens here and there, and it’s always absolutely magical. It’s not like you decide to keep listening, you can’t resist it. Bastien Keb‘s fantastic new album is intriguing and mesmerizing all the way through, elegant and full of details to discover.

Bandcamp // YouTube

Street Rat – Nothing As It Seems

October 9 // Soul Has Not Tempo

Let’s see. Jazz? Check. Pop? Check. Indie? Check. On top of that, Nothing As It Seems is soulful and exciting, playing with delicate compositions and catchy choruses. A very lovely little album if you just wanna have a good time.

Bandcamp // YouTube

север – надлом

October 14 // Independent

I know I’m thirsty for skramz, okay? What I am supposed to do? Not include such a release on The Noise Of? St. Petersburg-based outfit север put out some of the finest screamo of the year with надлом, and if you like the genre, you will love this release.

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Odyssey & Oracle – Crocorama

October 16 // Dur Et Doux

A French chanson/psychedelic folk/art pop record, released via Dur Et Doux? Damn, that sound like my wet dreams. Crocorama is a magical place, rich and delicate, full of mysteries to solve and secrets to discover.

Bandcamp // YouTube

Wendy Eisenberg – Auto

October 16 // Ba Da Bing Records

Auto is a very weird and wild ride through folk and experimental jazz. In some moments, it feels like a scary lullaby in a horror movie, but most of the time it’s just a really compelling, out-of-the-box record about how jazz can be realized today. It’s an unusual angle, which makes this record extra interesting.

Bandcamp // YouTube

Black Thought – Streams of Thought, Vol. 3: Cane and Able

October 16 // Republic Records

Anything to add to the greatness of Black Thought, the leader of The Roots, and his Streams of Thought series. Trotter gathers around a bunch of cool features, and his witty bars and very relevant commentary on the current situation of the Black community in the US, making it one of the most important releases in hip-hop this year.


beabadoobee –  Fake It Flowers

October 16 // Dirty Hit

Damn, this is some good fun. After the streak of ’90s alt rock/grungy releases we had this year, beabadoobee strikes with her fantastic new debut full-length Fake It Flowers, which is infectiously energetic and catchy from start to finish.

Bandcamp // YouTube // Review

Pluralone – I Don’t Feel Well

October 16 // Org Music

Without a doubt, Red Hot Chili Peppers are better off without Josh Klinghoffer, and Klinghoffer is better off without the band. Pluralone is probably Klinghoffer’s best project yet, a place which was taken by Dot Hacker for many years. I Don’t Feel Well is an amazing art rock record, worth checking out!

Bandcamp // YouTube

Sir Woman – Bitch EP

October 16 // Nine Mile Records

Sir Woman is the solo project by Austin-based artist Kelsey Wilson, and with the new EP Bitch, she displays her fantastic songwriting abilities. On just five songs, you get some very fine soul/r’n’b, full of sunlight and smoothness.

Bandcamp // YouTube

norse – blu

October 17 // Kono Dischi

I know you probably don’t wanna read me rattling about skramz again, because I’m doing this on a monthly basis in this feature. Still, I cannot resist highlighting all those gems dropping here and there which capture some of my fondest youth memories and getting this whole style into the present. Norse‘s four songs are that.

Bandcamp // YouTube

The Last Dinosaur – Wholeness

October 23 // Phases

The Last Dinosaur‘s Wholeness is somewhere between folk and a big score. It dabbles in intimacy, but also bursts into huge epicness. This duality is the real strength of this album, and you should experience it yourself.

Bandcamp // YouTube

Hypnodrone Ensemble – Gets Polyamorous

October 23 // Wolves & Vibrancy Records

Fourteen great musicians came together, including thisquietarmy‘s (and countless others) Aidan Baker, to create Gets Polyamorous. What do you expect? Some drone, some post-rock some… krautrock? Yeah, Hypnodrone Ensemble is wild and adventurous. Don’t skip it.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Rïcïnn –  Nereïd

October 23 // Blood Music

Known for her work with Igorrr and Corpo-Mente, Laure Le Prunenec’s ‘solo’ project Rïcïnn feels a lot more personal to her as an artist. That’s why it became an ever-changing hydra, impossible to define and incredibly hard to describe. You have to experience Nereïd.

Bandcamp // YouTube // Review

Convulsif – Extinct

October 23 // Hummus Records

Being one of the most fascinating metal releases of the year, Extinct punches you with surprises and twists around every corner, while never forgetting about the bigger picture. In all its wildness, Convulsif managed to shape an incredibly cohesive piece of art.

Bandcamp // YouTube

Pallbearer – Forgotten Days

October 23 // Nuclear Blast

Who would have imagined that Pallbearer would be able to top Heartless? With Forgotten Days, the Arkansas-based band revitalize their doom roots by channeling their inner Alice In Chains. Fantastic rock songs with soul and heart, accompanied by the band’s mastery in prog and doom.

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clipping. – Visions of Bodies Being Burned

October 23 // Sub Pop

Besides RTJ4Visions of Bodies Being Burned comfortably sits on the pantheon of 2020 hip-hop, being necessarily uncomfortable. The horrorcore roots of clipping., combined with the conceptual genius and elegance as composers/arrangers, makes Visions of Bodies Being Burned more than just a record. It’s a bold and brave cultural statement, which we so desperately need.

Bandcamp // YouTube // Review

Zeal & Ardor – Wake of a Nation

October 23 // Radicalis

At first, it was hard to warm up for Wake of a NationDevil Is Fine and Stranger Fruit are great records, but this new EP by Zeal & Ardor feels different. After some spins, I realized that I focused too much on the musical side of things, and discovered while being differently shaped, it still carries the soul of the art, maybe stronger than ever.

Bandcamp // YouTube // Review

no thank you – Embroidered Foliage

October 23 // Lame-O Records

Embroidered Foliage was probably overlooked by many, coming from a small band without a lot of PR coverage, but it’s such a beautiful and charming little gem. ’90s alt rock, some post-rock influences, great songwriting, and a strong vocal performance makes no thank you‘s surprisingly deep effort a worthwhile experience.

Bandcamp // YouTube

Simen Mitlid – Birds; or, Stories from Charlie B’s Travels, From Grønland to the Sun, and Back Again

October 30 // Sub Pop

Colorful and vibrant, Simen Mitlid created one of the most wonderful records in folk this year. Why is that? To give you some impressions, Birds is the closet you can get to Sufjan Stevens I’ve heard in… ever.

Bandcamp // YouTube

Emma Ruth Rundle & Thou – May Our Chambers Be Full

October 30 // Scared Bones Records

We didn’t know that we needed that collaboration, but oh boy, is it a gift. May Our Chambers Be Full is elegant and wonderful, crushing and graceful. All the artists involved brought out the best in each other, and that’s the real magic.

Bandcamp // YouTube // Review

Sun Ra Arkestra – Swirling

October 30 // Strut Records

The band of legendary and late Sun Ra unleashed their highly anticipated album and it’s great as you may expect. Nothing more to say about it. Listen!


A/T/O/S – waterman

October 30 // Deep Medi Musik

I have to thank our writer Rob for requesting this album. I wasn’t aware of its release or even of this band, so he asked if he could review it. I checked it and… well… it ended up being one of my AOTY candidates rather quickly. For everyone who craves trip hop, don’t miss this.

Bandcamp // YouTube

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