Based on experience, March is a crazy month for releases. The start of spring brings a flood of music, most bands/PR’s wanna aim for that spring high after the winter (not so much this year) low. And here we are. I’m excited for all the great albums, and scared to write this up. Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.

The Hyena Kill – A Disconnect

March 5 // APF Records

I wasn’t aware how much I was craving for good and fun rock records before A Disconnect hit me. The Hyena Kill brings some of the finest elements of modern rock music together for a record which is never boring, always on point and always self-aware. Some of the Deftones nuances, especially with the vocal performance, just add to the great concoction the UK-based act crafted!

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Jake Isaac – Honesty

March 5 // AntiFragile

What’s in the water of South London? Seriously, the amount of captivating artists this region births is absolutely incredible. Jake Isaac is probably a bit more established as of now, since he presents his second album with Honesty. A singer/songwriter (usually indie folk), Isaac takes elements from soul and r’n’b to achieve the main motifs of his record: Warmth and longing.


Tigers Jaw – I Won’t Care How You Remember Me

March 5 // Hopeless Records

There is this certain sound Tigers Jaw simply mastered, and while I don’t think I Won’t Care How You Remember Me is particular original or outstanding in context of their discography, it’s extraordinarily reliable. Bringing you back to the nostalgia lane is undeniably effective, and I can only respect and appreciate the band for being so confident with what they are.

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Regional Justice Center – Crime and Punishment

March 5 // Closed Casket Activities

Hardcore is back! 2021 brought us some noteworthy hardcore releases so far, which shows a genre between tradition and reanimation. Regional Justice Center lean heavily towards tradition, but tackle relevant topics with a refreshing and necessarily pissed-off attitude. Crusty sounds and some straight up death metal riffs make Crime and Punishment a nasty and angry affair, and a must-listen for every hardcore fan!

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of Montreal – I Feel Safe With You, Trash

March 5 // Sybaritic Peer

I’m still trying to encrypt I Feel Safe With You, Trash, a compelling, yet hopeless task. You’ll never know what happens next on of Montreal‘s newest album, which makes every spin so very exciting. Slowly, you get familiar with the weird spirit of this album, never fully grasping it. A challenge which I’m about to fail again and again. Nevertheless, I don’t see myself getting sick trying.


Elizabeth and the Catapult – sincerely, e

March 5 // Compass Records

We all hate Covid. It brings countless downsides for all of us, and especially for artists. The one positive trait I enjoy is the inspiration that those strange times of isolation bring for some artists. sincerely, e was created while indie folk artist Elizabeth Zinman aka Elizabeth and the Catapult was experiencing isolation, but it never sounds desperate. Instead it projects hopefullness and vibrance, which makes this record such a joy.

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Swamp Hawk – Monter in Color

March 5 // Independent

Doom, post metal, and post rock have some things in common. One of them is the tendency for mediocrity. A lot of bands just follow formulas, and it’s kinda working, but they usually fade away like boring ideas. To find something special is always a great win, so stumbling over Swamp Hawk was a victory. The Kentucky-based doom band manages to carry some heavy metal tropes without sounding cheesy, balancing heaviness and melody with elegance, and yeah: RIFFS!

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The Paper Kites – Roses

March 12 // Nettwerk

The Paper Kites weren’t on my radar that much in recent years, always categorizing the Australian band as a solid outfit in the dream pop/indie folk realm, but nothing more. Roses, their newest offering, changed that drastically with the simple fact that they invited 10 artists to sing on each of the albums songs, and those names sealed the deal for pretty easily. An album with MaroNadia Reid, and Lucy Rose? Of course I’ll get into it. On top, it’s a wonderful collection of songs, giving me feelings I missed since I first heard Cigarettes After Sex‘s debut.


Dust Moth – Rising // Sailing

March 12 // A Thousand Arms

I loved ScaleDust Moth‘s previous album, back in 2016. The release of Rising // Sailing came with some expectations from my side, and I’m very happy that the band exceeded those with ease. You can’t really explain how Dust Moth sound on their new album, which is a good thing to begin with. If you love your gaze, some alt rock, and some post hardcore, you can’t ignore Rising // Sailing.

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closer – within one steam

March 12 // Lauren Records

You can easily call me a skramz enthusiast. Obviously. So it’s impossible for me to ignore such a great record like closer‘s within one stem. The album is oozing charm and energy, so it won me over in a glimpse. The playful melodies and the urgency of the songs are some of the qualities I always search for in skramz, and those are the qualities closer primarily cultivate. You like skramz as well? Don’t ignore this album!

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Uno Hype – SOL GLO

March 12 // Hardpink Records

What really brought that album home for me is its versatility. From more trap-orientated vibes to jazzy 90’s beats, SOL GLO has it all. It shines as a great example for modern hip hop, delivering a piece for everyone, and someone who likes hip hop in general will definitely enjoy this album.


Really From – Really From

March 12 // Topshelf Records

A record which quickly became one of the finest pieces of music I’ve heard all year. Delicately weaving in jazz and math rock into their indie sound, Really From just convince you to love them with their incredible flow and feeling for sound. A must-listen!

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Tromblon – Je me fiche d’être Français

March 17 // Sylvebarbe Records

Great skramz releases are a staple within The Noise Of since a couple of years. I already expressed my gratitude for that countless times in the past, screamo/skramz being an integral part of my musical identity growing up, so I dive into every promising release eagerly. Tromblon rewarded me greatly for that.


DVNE – Etemen Ænka

March 19 // Metal Blade Records

When DVNE burst into the metal scene with Asheran back in 2017, everyone who noticed knew that they were one of the most interesting new acts in metal, so eyes were kept open. After signing with Metal Blade, the band finally graced us with a new album, and it was all I personally hoped for. Compelling compositions, a strong narrative, and a very confident stylistic vision, Etemen Ænka satisfies curiosity and makes hungry for more.

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William Doyle – Great Spans of Muddy Time

March 19 // Tough Love

A very enchanting art pop extravaganza, with some fascinating sprinkles of kraut rock in between. William Doyle is no stranger to good music, having several releases with his moniker East India Youth as well as under his own name under his belt. On Great Spans of Muddy Time, he dances elegantly from one delicate arrangement to another, leaving the listener with awe and wonder.

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pretty/normal – pretty/normal

March 19 // No Sleep

Oh I love those little gems. Just 5 songs, pretty/normal impressed me with amazing energy and a great sense for songwriting. Anyone who likes midwest emo/post hardcore with a more 90’s-esque vibe have to check in on those guys. You’ll have a good time.


Pink Siifu & Fly Anakin – $mokebreak

March 19 // Lex Records

We obviously have a new dream team in hip hop. Pink Siifu Fly Anakin have such a fantastic chemistry together, which they showcased impressively with their 2020 release FlySiifu’s, turning heads with irresistible flow and sharp bars. $mokebreak continues their winning streak, and I’m already looking forward to their next effort.

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The Midnight – Horrow Show

March 19 // Counter Records

More from The Midnight is always a good thing. While I really don’t care about synthwave anymore, The Midnight is the shining exception. Monsters was one of the finest records of 2020, and Horror Show is an awesome little extra for every fan of the project.


KOTA The Friend & Statik Selektah – To Kill A Sunrise

March 19 // FLTBYS

Speaking of great collaborations in hip hop: Brooklyn-based rapper KOTA The Friend was a busy bee during the last year, ruffling a lot of feathers with his fantastic album Foto, and now he teamed up with producer Statik Selektah for To Kill A Sunrise. Crisp and warm beats, drawing influences from more classic East Coast rap and boom bap to create an experience which feels familiar, wholesome, and evocative.


Hedvig Mollestad Trio – Ding Dong. You’re Dead

March 19 // Rune Grammofon

Hedvig Mollestad and her fantastic trio are no stranger to this feature, since I’m an avid fan of their music, especially their fresh mix of stoner/psych rock and jazz. Ding Dong. You’re Dead is the newest addition to the band’s impressive catalog, and they prove once more what an interesting project they have here.


Chad VanGaalen – World’s Most Stressed Out Gardener

March 19 // Sub Pop

Damn, what a ride. I didn’t expect to get entertained on this level by World’s Most Stressed Out Gardener, which managed to surprise me with every song. A colorful art pop affair, Chad VanGaalen injects a lot of character into each and every song!

Bandcamp // Youtube

Alice Phoebe Lou – Glow

March 19 // Independent

Alice Phoebe Lou is a treasure, and I would like to simply quote her about the new album Glow: ‘This album is an outlet. A place I blew off steam. I poured my most personal feelings, experiences & realisations into it and I stand before you completely naked, encouraging you to go to that place within yourself.’


Летние войны – Сажа

March 19 // Independent

Russia was always great soil for skramz, and this trend continues with the new wave of screamo. Летние войны translates to ‘Summer Wars’, and I just hope it’s a direct anime reference for Mamoru Hosoda‘s movie of the same name, which would make the band even more lovable. They don’t need that, but it would be nice.


’68 – Give One Take One

March 26 // Cooking Vinyl

I’m a Josh Scogin fanboy by heart, loving the first Norma Jean album, his run with The Chariot as well as his current project ’68. While their first album In Humor And Sadness feels pretty familiar with Scogin’s previous work, ’68 progressed into more garage/noise rock territory, using chaos as a flavor, not the main dish. Give One Take One is a stellar example of artists just mastering their craft and having something to say, which makes it one of the best records of the year so far.

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Genghis Tron – Dream Weapon

March 26 // Relapse Records

Cat out of the bag: I never really cared for Genghis Tron, although I always respected them for their influence and standing within their niche. Dream Weapon is the effort by them which I really clicked with, exceptionally so. Only some glimpses remind us of their old sound, in general Genghis Tron morphed into something mostly new, which carried them to new heights, at least in my book.

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Young Mountain – Infraröd

March 26 // Through Love Records/Pundonor Records/No Funeral

Lost Tree was a surprise back in 2018, so I was naturally looking forward for Infraröd, and Young Mountain delivered. Less polished, the new album is all about creating a dense atmosphere and establishing a raw, pulsating energy throughout the record!

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Origamibiro – Miscellany

March 26 // Denovali

I’m still working on really understanding Miscellany, and it’s the most fun procedure. Kilchhofer made me really curious with the element of sound design in electronic music, so Origamibiro fantastic feel for the placement of aural elements hooked me in a second. Off to more discovering and wonder.

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Tune-Yards – sketchy.

March 26 // 4AD

Tune-Yards releases were always somehow interesting, but they never stuck with me for longer. I had fun with one spin, and then it was gone. sketchy. on the other hand hit me and grabbed me, leading me through captivating compositional depths and quirky, lighthearted moments. The perfect record if you are looking for some more experimental art pop.

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L’Impératrice – Tako Tsubo

March 26 // Microqlima

How can you not like this album? There is so much charming stuff going on here, and Tako Tsubo never stops enchanting. The French lyrics carry a sense of class, the groovy bass lines will get your hips moving and the general pulse of the albums makes you smile all the time. This will bring the summer.


IU – IU 5th Album ‘LILAC’

March 26 // Edam Entertainment

K pop can be a bit frightening. Its relationship reaches from a nice and unusual Western appreciation for Asian music to a weird, kinda twisted form of cultural voyeurism. The gap isn’t as big as one might think, and if you find the right artists, it can be a very intriguing musical realm. IU is one of those artists, and her interpretation of k pop, mixed with funk and 90’s r’n’b is both compelling and accessible.


Immerse – The Weight That Holds Me Here

March 26 // Out Of It Records

Disappointed with whatever Architects did with their last album? I have the perfect substitute for you! Immerse‘s new album The Weight That Holds Me Here might be a bit too polished in some parts, but it has its heart in the right place. Super stoked for the future of this band!

Bandcamp // Youtube

Floating Points, Pharaoh Sanders & The London Symphony Orchestra – Promises

March 26 // Luaka Bop

One of the best things happening in music in recent years. Period.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Ben Howard – Collections From The Whiteout

March 26 // Island

Collection From The Whiteout continues Ben Howard journey through the rivers of multi-layered modern folk music, tender and powerful simultaneously. Every song tells a story worth listening to, that’s what I always liked about Howard. He’s a real narrator.


Vibora – Botánica

March 26 // Independent

This was a long ass list, and I’m tired. Let’s end it with something wonderful, like Spanish screamo. A fantastic little gem by Vibora, listen to their brilliant new EP Botánica.

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