The lands down under are proving to be a genuine hotspots for progressive rock and metal for the past decade. Wellington, New Zealand’s own Eight Eyed Orchid are positioning themselves to climb those ranks if today’s premiere is any indication of what this band can do. Today, we’re proud to bring you “Petrichor” from their upcoming debut EP. With relentless riffs, primal drumming, and a soaring chorus, this track is some of the most effortless progressive alt metal I have heard in quite some time.

Pretty great, right? There’s a real charm to the song; the production, and the hypnotic melody will no doubt make fans of the genre quite ecstatic. The vocals are incredibly strong, and none of the progressions of the song feel forced. This is a band that I will be watching with great interest. If this first taste of what they can do is any indication of what we can expect from the rest of the EP, we’ll have a solid debut on our hands.

“Petrichor” is the lead single from One By One & Two By Two, which will be out soon. You should definitely like and follow Eight Eyed Orchid over on Facebook for more news and links about the EP’s release as well as live gigs!

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