Look, you can’t be peaceful all the time. Without war, we wouldn’t know peace, and even the most pious and spiritual among us surely have a breaking point, right? Perhaps that’s what Australian indie folk musician Brian Campeau wanted to explore when he set out to make the video for his new single “Next October”. Everything is Noise is quite happy to premiere that video!

The video is pretty cheeky, showing Campeau engage in calm meditation, selflessness, and enlightenment… followed by turns of violence, drugs, and sex. Such is the duality of humankind. It’s a well-shot romp, and you can check it out right here, right now:

The song has a dreamy summer quality to it with silky vocal harmonies and plucky acoustic guitar which are richly layered. Campeau‘s vocals are feather light, but affecting. The chorus has a catchy vocal rhythm to it, making the track melt in your ears. It’s riveting, telling a standalone story as much as it tells of Campeau‘s artistic merit to make such deceptively robust music.

“Next October” is the second of three singles taken from Campeau‘s upcoming album, Old Dog, New Tricks. It comes out on August 24 via our friends at Art as Catharsis. If the singles are any indication, it should make for a lush and wonderfully good time for any fans of folk music with character like Father John Misty.

Super special thanks to Art as Catharsis and Brian Campeau for giving us the opportunity to premiere this video. Please give the artist a follow on Facebook, and be sure to swing by his Bandcamp page to preorder Old Dog, New Tricks physically and digitally!

David Rodriguez

David Rodriguez

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