There are plenty of interesting and good bands out there that, unfortunately, don’t get enough attention. It’s in our interest try and to promote bands like these. So, we are stoked to deliver you high-quality music and new bands day by day. And with that being said, may I introduce you to Apoptosis, a band from Maribor, Slovenia.

Apoptosis was founded in 2015 and premiered their track “Shaping The Creation” earlier this year. On this song, the band delivers 10 very strongly produced minutes of modern prog metal. Since the band doesn’t have a singer, they teamed up with Vasko Atanasovski on saxophone, who did a great job. Now, the band is back with another new song! For “A Far Cry (From)”, they searched for a singer and found one in Klara Klasinc. But this collaboration was only for this new song.

Similar to “Shaping The Creation”, the new song also isn’t short either. “A Far Cry (From)” reaches full eight minutes and starts with a very chilled clean section. The bass especially sounds pretty good and punchy, while the vocals by Klara Klasinc slightly drown in the ambiance of the beginning. The song’s chorus goes huge and epic, with the multi-layered vocal work by Klasinc. Apoptosis display a good groove and feeling while interesting song structures, as well as guitar soloing compose the entire song.

The song was produced by the band’s very own, Andrej Vindiš. These two singles already show a great musicianship and make me super curious about a full record. Hopefully, Apoptosis will find a full-time singer that will add great melodies to the ambient prog metal sound. And as the band states on Facebook, there will be a full album somewhen soon!

You are from Slovenia and you consider yourself a singer? Make sure to get in touch with Apoptosis! Do so by checking their Facebook page. Also, support their music on their Bandcamp!

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