A band that caught the attention of many metal fans with their unique blend of technicality, mathcore frenetics, catchy R’n’B, and -core grooves has amicably split. The Afterimage, a Canadian group signed to Tragic Hero Records, announced their disbanding after seven years as a band. Their most recent output and first full-length, Eve, was released this spring.

This definite end may come as a shock to fans, especially for a band so early in their career, and with so much potential. However, it appears that the parting is a result of waning passion for the project, as opposed to any personal differences. Their Facebook announcement regarding the split clarifies:

‘Creativity is a channel fueled by passion and heart – and every musician resonates with that in some way or another. We’re incredibly proud to have built an extremely diverse community, with our fellow musicians solidifying the foundation of our fanbase. However, it’s abundantly clear that when you begin to question your passion for a project, you’re not only doing a disservice to your fans, but to yourselves as well. This is the position we find ourselves in today, and now is the time to close this chapter of our lives.

To be clear: There’s not a single ounce of bad blood between members. After everything we’ve been through over the years, we’re like family, and that likely will never change. This decision was made together.’

As the saying goes, every end is also a beginning. For The Afterimage, it is BRAND OF SACRIFICE. Every member of The Afterimage at the time of their disbanding is also a member of the aforementioned brutal death metal act. Unique Leader Records just signed BRAND OF SACRIFICE, and re-released their debut EP on September 14.

You can revisit The Afterimage‘s music here, check out their Facebook announcement regarding the dissolution here, and keep up with all things BRAND OF SACRIFICE here.

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