Derived from the Arabic word ‘jinn’, whose meaning is ‘to hide’ or ‘to adapt’, Djiin are mythical creatures from Islamic and Middle Eastern folklore with the ability to take the form of everything from snakes to humans. It’s fitting then, that this four-piece of the same name from Rennes, France, who self-identifies as a ‘psychedelic stoner-rock’ band, would have a few tricks up their sleeve. The band’s latest single, “Blind”, which comes to us by way of their upcoming full-length album, Mirrors, is sound evidence that there’s more to this band than that label might suggest.

“Blind” starts sparse with a sort of off-kilter, fuzzed-out bass line and a drum beat that almost immediately makes you feel unsettled. Vocalist, Chloé Panhaley, soon joins in on the disquieting swagger, stabbing and slicing through in a rhythmic staccato, almost reminiscent of later Celtic Frost. From here, the track seethes and slithers between barely contained intensity and cacophonous clamor, while Chloé’s screams reach points of near ferity. Sonically, “Blind” conjures elements of noise, doom metal, and psychedelia to create a spirited, sometimes challenging, sometimes frightening piece of art. It’s an intriguing composition to lead into what will be Djiin’s fourth full-length offering.

The accompanying visuals, directed by long-time friend and collaborator of the band, Maureen Piercy, are a 70’s horror fever dream that exquisitely compliments the intensity and flow of the track. At times, the performer’s movements twist and twitch in perfect synchronization with the music, and it’s wholly haunting and entrancing to witness.

The band had the following to say about “Blind”:

Blind is a scathing title, dark, vicious and full of violent anger. It evokes depression, hatred of others and oneself, being blinded by the negative, no longer seeing anything else, and being consumed by it. It’s a scary piece but also really cathartic where you can send everything to hell, detach yourself from the rest, from what is not going well in your life. We love playing it live for the joy and energy it gives us. And it’s quite funny given the darkness of the song.

You can pre-order Mirrors directly from Djiin‘s Bandcamp, or hear it in its entirety when it releases on May 3rd, via Klonosphere Records/Season of Mist. Furthermore, you can find the band on Facebook to keep up with all the latest!

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