I think we all need a little Mad God in our lives. The trio, hailing from Johannesburg, South Africa, have just the music for the discerning doom metal fan looking for some faith in their lives. They seek to release their second album, Grotesque and Inexorable, on November 2 and we have a new track to debut here in the church of Everything is Noise called “I Created God”. To preface the track a tad, vocalist and guitarist Tim Harbour divulges some information about the background of the song:

‘This song was written after watching a Charles Manson documentary following his death in 2017. This song does not condone the actions of the cult leader but rather delves into the psyche and motives of both him and his followers around the time of the murders that took place in 1969.’

All right, enough delay; here’s the lyric video for “I Created God”!

This song is a veritable black mass of lurching riffs and classic doom style that I love oh so much. The fuzzy guitar tones practically leaves a snail trail behind it, while drums plod along and Harbour sings clean, epic vocals to his heart’s content. It’s got a nice groove to it – I’m able to vibe to the catchy, digestible melodies with ease. You know those ‘(slow heavy metal music playing)‘ memes you probably see everywhere? This is the music I imagine is playing when I see those.

As alluded to by Harbour himself, the lyrics have to do with Charles Manson and his crimes, so they are appropriately deplorable and violent. The deviancy of the subject matter and tenets of doom metal are true to the genre’s name; it’s a neat fit! I want more. Yes, I do have time to talk about this particular lord and savior.

Big thanks to Mad God for blessing me with this riffage. If you find yourself in need of more spiritual healing, you can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Check them out on Bandcamp where you can also pre-order Grotesque and Inexorable before it comes out on November 2!

David Rodriguez

David Rodriguez

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