Back in May, guitar legend, cool dad, and all-around mensch Paul Gilbert launched a PledgeMusic campaign, the culmination of which would be the release of a new album called Behold Electric Guitar. Well, you wouldn’t know it from the lack of fanfare on personal website or any of his social media, but the album has dropped this week (on a Monday, of all days)! At present it’s only available via the PledgeMusic campaign page, along with several other musical goodies, including a recorded collection of solos dating back to Gilbert’s days in Racer X.

Behold Electric GuitarPaul Gilbert‘s 15th solo LP, continues the erstwhile facemelter’s evolution into an ever-more versatile synthesizer of blues, pop, jazz, and more. It also features a song called “A Herd Of Turtles”, easily the most delightfully bizarre song of Gilbert’s career – half groove overload, half spoken-word piece. While there are as yet no streaming options available for the album, it’s a tremendous addition to an already superlative discography, and one that should be sought out by anybody who likes their shredding fun and funky. Plus, just look at this album cover!

Maximum cool dad. You know you want to listen to it. So go get it!

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