Yes, my fellow Periphery fans, the time has finally come. Today, the band announced on Facebook that their new album Periphery IV: Hail Stan will be released April 5, 2019.

Yesterday their first single from the album “Blood Eagle” debuted on Sirius XM Liquid Metal. Subsequently, a music video for the song dropped today. Here’s what guitarist Mark Holcomb had to say about it and the writing of Periphery IV:

We’ve known since the late stages of P4 writing sessions that “Blood Eagle” would be the first song we released. It’s an unrelenting song that, even while we were writing it, we could say to ourselves: ‘We NEED to play this live.’ The original demo was vastly different, and through the songwriting process, it took on this kind of violent, explosive nature that is always hard to synthesize. That energy excited us and we knew it’d be the first thing we’d let you all hear.’

‘Explosive’ is definitely how I would categorize “Blood Eagle”, with moments where the band drops their sound to zero for a millisecond, only to slam the ears with detuned intensity. Spencer Sotelo’s vocals on the track are pretty invigorating; when he says ‘We come for waaaaaaaaaaaaaar!’, you know he’s not messing around. A winding solo from Misha Mansoor rounds out the second part of “Blood Eagle” as the band takes the song to its ultimate climax. Needless to say, I’m hyped for what Periphery has to offer this go-round.

Periphery IV: Hail Stan will be the band’s first release on their own label 3Dot Records. It is also Periphery‘s first major release since their 2017 Grammy nomination for their single “The Price Is Wrong”. The album art and tracklist for Periphery IV: Hail Stan can be found below:

  1. Reptile
  2. Blood Eagle
  4. Garden In The Bones
  5. It’s Only Smiles
  6. Follow Your Ghost
  7. Crush
  8. Sentient Glow
  9. Satellites

Additionally, Periphery will soon begin a short stint of tour dates with Dance Gavin Dance.

Are you ready for P4? Keep up to date with pre-orders, tour info, and more on the band’s website and on their Facebook.

Jonce Palmer

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