The fantastically unique progressive rock group Moon Tooth have blessed us with a new song and shared more information about their sophomore album. The album is titled Crux and will be released on March 29 via Modern Static Records. This will also be the first time Moon Tooth will release an album on a label. Crux will be produced by Machine (King Crimson, Every Time I Die) as well as the legendary Mark Morton (Lamb Of God). With their 2016 debut release, Chromaparagon, the band already blew us away, fusing hard rock, thrash, stoner metal, prog rock and blues rock to create a fun, exciting and almost cinematic experience. It will be interesting to see where Crux takes the band. You can pre-order their new record here. If you’re curious about the track listing, we are happy to share it with you here:

1. Trust
2. Omega Days
3. Through Ash
4. Musketeers
5. Thorns
6. Rhythm and Roar
7. Motionless in Sky
8. Thumb Spike
9. Awe at All Angles
10. Crux
11. Raise a Light (Epilogue)

With their new song, “Trust”, it doesn’t seem like the band will ever slow down. As we already know from Chromaparagon, this group takes no prisoners, opening this track with a fuzzed out guitar, hardcore-style drums and a lot of thrashy riffage. John Carbone’s vocal are as strong as ever, delivering a performance as emotional as it is powerful. The track plays with licks, fills and stylistic changes whenever it can, rapidly transcending simple, one word descriptions. With a good of amount of chugging for the breakdown, the band continues to flirt with post-hardcore aesthetics. Of course, a bluesy solo isn’t missing either.

What did you think of the new Moon Tooth track? Let us know in the comments. Check out Moon Tooth on Facebook and listen to their music on Bandcamp.

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