We are pleased to premiere the new single “Neurodelirium”, the second single from Heart Of Lead, the debut album by Iceland’s Kaleikr. This song is great. While the band’s roots are primarily in black metal, “Neurodelirium” offers a much more melodic side, fitting in more to the melodeath category with a lot of progressive notes as well. Be that as it may, there is still a ton of black metal influence through the instruments that mesh into a really entertaining song.

Brimming with energy and absolutely saturated in riffs and melody, “Neurodelirium” should definitely have you hyped for Heart Of LeadThe track runs just under seven minutes and delivers through the whole time with tons of energy. Kaleikr shows a lot of proficiency in their songwriting approach, structuring verses with multiple riffs expertly so it doesn’t feel crowded or forced. The guitar parts run one into another in a real beautiful way. The solos are one of the highlights for sure. They belt out beautiful prog solos that show they don’t need to be a shred fest to hit hard.

Heart Of Lead is out February 15 and pre-orders are available through Debemur Morti Productions in physical form through both their US and European stores, as well as digitally by way of Bandcamp. Be sure to follow the band on Facebook as well. Let us know what you think and if you’ll be picking up a copy!

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