Fresh off of releasing “Citadel” from their upcoming album, Sulphur English, Inter Arma have just released another new song through Adult Swim. “Stillness” is nine-and-a-half minutes of melancholic, harmonious doom that is a staunch contrast to “Citadel” in nearly every way. With open-string acoustic guitars and a light, airy atmosphere, this new track showcases the band’s aptitude for excelling at whatever they put their minds to. Once the electric guitars, bass, and drums kick in, the atmosphere gets heavier but it also retains the space and breathability of the earlier moments. When vocalist Mike Paparo’s trademark yell hits at around the 7:30 mark, it’s genuinely chill-inducing.

With the first single from the record was more of a pure death doom song, “Stillness” shows that Inter Arma haven’t abandoned the diversity that make them one of the standout bands of this generation. Their proclivity to dabble in death, doom, psychedelic, and sludge and mix them into a signature sound seems as if it is going to be alive and well on Sulphur English. Releasing these two songs as singles also seems to be an indicator that we are in for a diverse album once it arrives on April 12 through Relapse Records. Be sure to follow Inter Arma on Facebook and Bandcamp to get the latest updates on Sulphur English and more!

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