Canada’s finest prog/tech-death outfit Beyond Creation just released a new song! The band, who are going to be main support on the upcoming Obscura US tour, are back after 2015’s Earthborn Evolution. Take a listen to “The Inversion”, and read more about the release of their new album below!

Sure enough, Beyond Creation still play heavy, technical music. “The Inversion” starts with melodic metal riffing, blast beats, and an outstanding bass sound, which is probably one of the most significant elements in technical death metal. But Beyond Creation go even further and settle down a bit. Sure, there’s wankery; there’s soloing and hard riffs, as well as some proggy transitions and clean parts in between. The ending of “The Inversion” is a slow-paced and cut-back atmospheric section that might remind you of Rivers Of Nihil‘s newest output Where Owls Know My Name.

The good news is that there’s even more news!

Beyond CreationAlgorythm – Cover Artwork

“The Inversion” is no stand-alone single. It’s part of the upcoming third release by Beyond Creation, which will be called Algorythm and releases on October 12, as their label Season of Mist announced on Facebook. The band further stated that each musician stepped out of their comfort zone for this new track, and described it as a ‘first glimpse of the tonal variety we were able to express on our upcoming record.‘ Doesn’t this sound promising?

The song comes with a video, in which each band member plays a role. Said video is made for the fans to ‘discover the epic story-line and plot it offers‘. As we don’t have any further information on the new record yet, we can only expect it to be conceptual. In the official statement, the band also offer their fans to get in touch with them and hand in feedback. What do you think about “The Inversion”? Are you stoked for Algorythm? I personally dig the sound and the interplay of the heavy and laid back sides. Beyond Creation manage to combine their tech-death aspects perfectly with their proggier influences on this song. Let’s hope the announced ‘tonal variety’ will be an interesting one!

Also, make sure to follow Beyond Creation on their Facebook! Pre-orders for Algorythm are already available!

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