Wake me up when September ends! Lucky for you, I was pretty much awake throughout the last month – my first run-in with fucking Covid included. To balance stuff out, we had one of the strongest month in terms of releases, and I can’t wait to tell you about the very best in the newest The Noise Of episode!

Youth League – Somehow Those Were Days

September 2 // Wiretap Records

Overlooked for the most part, Somehow Those Were Days presents one of the coolest collection of modern emo tunes, somewhere between Tiny Moving Parts and Minus The Bear. I’ve spent a lot of time with this record, and it only grew in charm!

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The Hatch – shape of raw to come

September 7 // Indepedent

This shit is wild. Some of the best math/experimental rock from Japan I’ve heard in a while – and I try to stay up to date with stuff from there, seriously. I’ve never heard of The Hatch before, but I’m very glad I found them.

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Holy Fawn – Dimensional Bleed

September 9 // Wax Bodega

After DEATH SPELLSHoly Fawn‘s follow-up was highly anticipated. Dimensional Bleed offered a matured effort by an ultra-talented band, which might not be as flashy as its predecessor, but ultimately develops more depth and substance in the long run. Awesome.

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Sudan Archives – Natural Brown Prom Queen

September 9 // Stones Throw

Her previous material often had the tendency to be a bit too much. Maybe a tiny bit too ambitious. With Natural Brown Prom Queen, Brittney Parks aka Sudan Archives found her middle ground – a perfectly balanced record full of soul, heart, and groove.

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The Midnight – Heroes

September 9 // Counter Records

I really couldn’t care less about synthwave, but I can’t fucking resist The Midnight. They are my kryptonite. Everything they do is fucking catchy and awesome, and their new album Heroes is no exception.

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Badge Époque Ensemble – Clouds Of Joy

September 9 // Telephone Explosion Records

I’ve been following this Canadian jazz project for a while now, and it’s exciting to experience how they grew and progressed. Shifting towards a more vocal-centric approach over the years, Clouds Of Joy is vibrant and exciting.

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Ahasver – Causa Sui

September 16 // Lifeforce Records

Featuring members of ERYN NON DAE.Gorod, and Psykup, I was massively excited for Ahasver. With their first single, they proved a certain kind of vibe – which made me even more eager to get into Causa Sui. There is a certain energy to it, something I only encountered before once with the also-kinda-supergroup Azusa. While Azusa approach this special energy from a hardcore standpoint, Ahasver does it from prog. And it works like a charm.

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Young Jesus – Shepherd Head

September 16 // Saddle Creek

Welcome to Conceptual Beach was one of my favorite albums of 2020, and since then, progressed into one of my all time favorites. Young Jesus have a certain kind of magic, and their graceful balance of charisma, a bit psychy, a bit emo, a bit indie, makes their new album Shepherd Head continue their amazing sound.

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The Mars Volta – The Mars Volta

September 16 // Clouds Hill

With so many expectations on their shoulders, it was quite impossible for The Mars Volta to make the perfect comeback – and also quite unnecessary. While the legendary band dialed down their craziness, they added a lot of fascinating elements, constructing some of their best songs to date into a wonderful album.

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Jessie Reyez – YESSIE

September 16 // FMLY / Island Records

I was obsessed with Being Human In Public, Jessie‘s second EP, so to see her progress and reach new heights with their second album YESSIE is absolutely satisfying and fantastic.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Quinn Christopherson – Write Your Name In Pink

September 16 // Play It Again Sam

As an Alaskan native, Quinn Christopherson pours his heritage into his art, giving Write Your Name In Pink a lot of identity. The intimate piece of art captured me right from the start, and I’m discovering more and more details with each listen!

Bandcamp // Youtube

The Dirty Snacks Ensemble – You Would Do Well

September 16 // Slow & Steady Records

I’ve never heard of this project before, but the very cool mix of elements like electronica, jazz, acoustic arrangements, and a sense of wonder brought me in pretty quickly and easily.


Gaerea – Mirage

September 23 // Season Of Mist

Gaerea was never really exciting in my book – sure, their material was always professionally produced and well-crafted, but it was also missing something. With MirageGaerea figured out how to full unlock their potential and delivered some of the best modern black metal of the year.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Makaya McCraven – In These Times

September 23 // International Anthem

Makaya McCraven hooking up with International Anthem? Fuck yeah – one of my favorite jazz drummer on one of my favorite jazz labels. I’m always looking forward to new Makaya material, but In These Times is special.

Bandcamp // Youtube

The Comet Is Coming – Hyper-Dimensional Expansion Beam

September 23 // Impulse! Records

More jazz? More jazz! With The Comet Is Coming, one of Shabaka Hutchings many projects, you are always in for a treat. And dare I say, they hit a height with their newest album Hyper-Dimensional Expansion Beam!


Beth Orton – Weather Alive

September 23 // Partisan Records

Beth Orton did a lot of things in her career, and most of them are interesting and cool – her new album Weather Alive is no exception. Beautiful arrangements and a special flair only she can craft: this album is a statement.

Bandcamp // Youtube

The Bad Plus – The Bad Plus

September 30 // Edition Records

If you like jazz and don’t know The Bad Plus, their new self-titled album is an amazing, yet unusual spot to start – the album is fucking awesome, but it’s the first one as a quartet, and drastically different than their previous material. Nevertheless, this is very dope. Don’t miss it!

Bandcamp // Youtube

Labyrinth Of Stars – Spectrum Xenomorph

September 30 // Translation Loss Records

This is the fucking best fucking death fucking metal you can listen this year, so go fucking listen to it. Fuck.


Office Culture – Big Time Things

September 30 // Northern Spy Records

I’m such a sucker for dreamy indie pop. If you jazz it up a bit, I’ll eat it out of your palm. Office Culture is a prime example, and I really love the cheesy ’70s pop vibes Big Time Things carries. Great harmonies and awesome chills.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Acephalix – Theothanatology

September 30 // 20 Buck Spin

RIFFS! Alright, Acephalix have some very cool death metal riffs, but other bands in the game have that too. What this band makes it very special on their new album is how they put everything together. There is nothing dragged on this record, nothing boring. Great material.

Bandcamp // Youtube // Review


September 30 // Hassle Records

What a huge step this band took. Don’t let my tackiness fool you – Love, Death, and Decay is massive, wonderful, surprising and energetic. If you like great UK stuff like Black Peaks, you have to get into STAKE!

Bandcamp // Youtube // Review

FERN – Intersubjective

September 30 // Pelagic Records

I’m really not a fan of industrial-flavored music, and when FERN dropped on my radar as ‘indutrial pop’, I was about to neglect them from the get-go, but with percussionist Paul Seidel (ex-War From A Harlots MouthThe Ocean) behind the project, my interest was sparked. And damn, how well that payed off.

Bandcamp // Youtube

City Of Caterpillar – Mystic Sisters

September 30 // Relapse Records

As a big skramz fan, City Of Caterpillar‘s self-titled debut and their split with Pg. 99 were legendary releases. To have them back with their new album 20 years later is a dream come true, and I love to hear how they matured while still identifying with their roots.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Mamaleek – Diner Coffee

September 30 // The Flenser

There is nothing like Mamaleek out there. I can’t describe them. It’s just fucking Mamaleek.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Plastic Mermaids – It’s Not Comfortable To Grow

September 30 // Sunday Best

Synth pop without being synth pop, wavey without being wave. Plastic Mermaids created an interesting concoction on their second album – I usually wait when I like the instrumentals on a song before the vocals kick in to follow my guts, and they were right once again. This album is awesome, especially those bass lines.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Oren Ambarchi – Shebang

September 30 // Drag City Records

Oren Ambarchi does some wild things with a guitar, showcased with elegance on his newest effort Shebang. There are tons of fascinating layers, but its strongest trait is without a doubt its simplicity.

Bandcamp // Youtube

High Vis – Blending

September 30 // Dais Records

Always excited when I stumble upon something I’ve never heard before. High Vis are combining post-punk and hardcore in such an awesome way that I can’t get enough of their new album Blending. This is stuff is so damn good, you won’t regret a second.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Regulate – Regulate

September 30 // Flatspot Records

This could and should be the next big thing in hardcore. After genre-bending releases by Turnover and Soul GloRegulate and their fantastic new self-titled album have to be the next big thing on your map.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Grandamme – Holy Mountain

September 30 // Def Pressé

This beauty has Bastien Keb involved (who is freakin amazing) and beyond that, it’s one of the most beautiful records of the year. I fell instantly in love with Holy Mountain, and this relationship carries on. What a damn fucking good album.


Freddie Gibbs – $oul $old $eparately

September 30 // Warner Records

Freddie Gibbs

Freddie Gibbs is fucking awesome. This album is also fucking awesome.


Billx Woods x Messiah Musik – Church

September 30 // BackwoodzStudioz

Rule of thumb: just listen to everything with Billy Woods on it. Chances are high that it’s amazing. I’m yet to find a project he’s involved with which failed me. Such an amazing artist.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Avantdale Bowling Club – Trees

September 30 // Independent

This one right here. Avantdale Bowling Club‘s first album is one of the best hip hop records of all time for me, and to have him back with Trees is one of the highlights of my year. Thanks, Tom.

Bandcamp // Youtube

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