We have the distinct honor of premiering the full-length stream of Zoonazoo‘s brand new ten-track album, Neck Out. The record is a spiritual delve into the experimental and jazzy, which has no hangups pulling listeners into the deep ether of the weird and wonderful. It’s a real opposite-of-boredom kind of endeavor, where every musical maneuver is executed to maximum passionate effect.

Some tranquil dark-folk openings swiftly take on psychedelic hip-hop prose in opening track “Dyonisus”, before leading onto the meditative noises of “May I”. Things go really intense for third track, “Goth Mother”, until turning unsettlingly upbeat in “Spin”. Is there such thing as ‘unsettlingly upbeat?’ Well, thanks to Zoonazoo, there is now! From this, we get to the decidedly more serene “Modes”. But don’t be fooled into thinking things lighten up at this point as you are adequately assured of in “Alcohol”. However, things do mellow out in “Say it Softly” in a, er, manner of speaking.

We then get some more arcane serenity in the album’s final act, as demonstrated bombastically in “My Goodness”, and repeated with a reinvigorated sense of groove in “Never Give Up”. The album closes in phantasmagorical fashion with “Stutter.” And so listeners get the full uncompromising road trip of Zoonazoo’s wild ideas.

Of Neck Out‘s general theme, Zoonazoo had this to say:

‘The message, “Neck Out”, that moment your spirit may evaporate, or explode from pure honesty and vulnerability, to strip away the skin, the sensation, of being naked, exposing yourself to the sun, or judgement, peeking from the shell, taking those risks. It’s what drives humanity along, it’s what carries this album.

For a while I’ve talked to friends about this fear: Having to dilute an idea in a series of hieroglyphs in order for something to translate, or to be accessible, digestible and struggling with how I wish we could all shatter that looking glass, and speak without the cross-chatter interrupting our unconditional thoughts. I wanted to commit myself to that with this album, or at least try my hardest.’

Neck Out is available for pre-order at this link. You can also check out Zoonazoo at their Bandcamp page, and keep up to speed with all the latest news at their Official Facebook page.

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