Last summer, Everything Is Noise was visited by a little birdie. The Last Dodo to be precise, the solo progressive instrumental music project of French guitarist Dorian Pied. We premiered two lovely, atmospheric tracks in support of the album, We Found Him. Today, our avian friend returns to show off a brand new video in anticipation of his new album, Now We’re Leaving. Let’s catch up with The Last Dodo!

In anticipation of this new album, Pied released a playthrough video for a revamped version of “Blue Lake” featuring Glass Skies. The song originates from the band’s debut EP, but has a nice, fresh coat of paint on it now. But we’re here to talk about something new – something different! Today, we have the pleasure of premiering an original track from Now We’re Leaving. It’s called “An Uncertain Path”, and you can watch the playthrough video for it right here:

“An Uncertain Path” is a provocative title, bringing about dubious and dodgy feelings. The music does well to reflect these feelings with meatier guitar riffs and passages, giving the track some real weight that I haven’t seen much from this band before. Synths dance around in the background and give me some Animals As Leaders vibes which is always a good thing. This song really sounds like confronting unsettling moments in your life and the emotional ebb and flow that comes with it. Pied’s performance is laser-focused – cool, calm, and collected guitar work from him as always, even as the tempo and tone of the music ramps up.

This bird stays grounded in the face of uncertainty! If you liked this song, I would highly recommend checking out The Last Dodo’s previous work as it’s of similar ilk and quality. The difference here with “An Uncertain Path” is it shows a progression for the band, stretching its feathers further out into less occupied territory.

No concrete news on Now We’re Leaving as far as release date, tracklist, or art, but that will all be revealed in due time. You can do a little birdwatching of your own over at The Last Dodo’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Bandcamp should help you satiate your need for seed until the new album is released!

David Rodriguez

David Rodriguez

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