We at Everything Is Noise are proud and thrilled to present to you the newest single, “Hues”, from concrete concrete off of their forthcoming record Drifter. The new album is slated for release August 1.

“Hues” is an amazing song. That may sound abrupt, but there’s not many other ways it needs to be described. The complexity of the instrumentals is not so extreme as to polarize those not familiar with the genre, yet more than enough for the long-time fans to have fun with. The airy vocals provide a layer of comfort that mesh so well with the track. The simplicity belies with groovy passages and thumping rhythms. It’s a uplifting track that makes me feel good all over.

Speaking of the album, concrete concrete are laying it all out in the open. A concept album about a drifter, the unnamed protagonist is searching for something in life. The ups-and-downs of the album mirror the journey the character takes in search of peace and self-realization. The sounds of ‘euphoria and melancholy’ help take the listener on the adventure with the character, bringing life and meaning to the album.

‘It is a story about the life that’s constantly on the move, where uncertainty and determination play tug of war. It’s often struggles to seek belonging, with occasional glitters of joy and fragments of nostalgia along the way. Eventually, we accept and make peace with where we are and what we have become.’

You can check out the song below!

Make sure to follow concrete concrete on their Facebook and Instagram. Pre-order the new album here. I know I cannot wait for this album to come out. If it’s anything like this single, there’s a chance for a spot on my AOTY list.

Spencer Adams

Spencer Adams

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