The rapid growth and subsequent saturation of the IDM and electronic genre make it difficult for casual listeners to hone in on the music that really speaks to them, especially through channels like Spotify/Tidal etc. So many times, I’ve found an artist and followed their rabbit hole of influences to a sonic dead end, playing music that I cannot connect to on a number of levels. Yet at my breaking point of giving up and focusing on other genres to fill the void, along come Random Orchestra, a duo who tick all my boxes, and then some.

Everything Is Noise are very proud to premiere their debut single “Inhale” for you today, a song which we are sure will take you places! Providing a complete audiovisual experience with a carefully coordinated video for the song, this feels like a more manageable Max Cooper, with fewer abrasive moments and more substance. The Berlin-based duo infuse heavy experimental qualities with rich and comforting soundscapes, like a more complex Four Tet or a less glitchy Trifonic. “Inhale” dances through various movements, the opener similar to the clockwork sound of Bonobo, before soaking you in layers of bassy synth which sound massive through speakers and headphones alike.

The matching video is brilliant for those who love to get lost in visuals, with the art style and techniques used to generate the images constantly changing. The clever shifting from CGI to images midway through, matching the shift in the music, was brilliantly done and helps to keep you focused for the rest of the video. I particularly liked how the duo levy what almost looks like Google-DeepMind-manipulated nature images in the final section, creating a great connection between nature and technology.

Random Orchestra‘s debut album Membrane will be released June 18, via TELESKOP. No doubt we’ll be covering the full release, so do check back for the review and more news on the duo as they release their music to the world! For now, please enjoy their debut single, “Inhale”.

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