Sometimes it takes a lot to come into terms with something. This is particularly true when accepting your imperfections, realizing that there are things that are beyond your control, or simply adjusting to the fact that life can be such a mess. We’re all guilty of being stubborn in admitting this, but hey – it’s okay. There are no easy solutions in tempering these existential ponderings, though Berlin-based songwriter Oliver Burghardt has something else in mind. Everything Is Noise is delighted to premiere Pink Lint’s third single and music video for “Windhound”, a quaint indie pop ode to the chaos, mundanity and little wonders of life.

The very first thing you’ll notice is the carelessness that emanates from the track. Not so much in the sense of indifference, but more so in being open to a newfound thirst for the very act of experiencing. Burghardt opens the track with the line, ‘I saw you running down the escalator stairs/Into the bowels of a mall’, accompanied by acoustic guitar strumming and followed by gentle yet acute plucks coming from the strings. These lyrics might seem uneventful at first, but as the song progresses, and leaves you with a subtle sense of urgency thanks to the gentle drum rolls, such lines end up carrying more weight than one would expect. I’m particularly thinking about that childish sensation when entering a mall was an opportunity for adventure, and “Windhound” provides me with that slight nostalgia trip.

The rest of the song naturally crescendos into an uplifting and moving send-off, with a gorgeous blend of vibrant instrumentation and samples lulling you into a rich reverie. More than nostalgia itself, “Windhound” captures the overall enthusiasm for wonder even in the most ordinary things. It is a song about appreciation and presenting yourself as authentic to the world, evident in the line ‘It feels good to be fucked up and be alright’ from the chorus.

This appreciation for the ordinary is especially present in Pink Lint‘s music video. Slice-of-life footage such as flying a kite, driving by towering windmills, and holding a dog on a leash coalesce with transitions akin to looking at cells through a microscope, that heighten these moments that we sometimes take for granted. It’s simple in execution, though there is such a whimsical vibe to the music video that is truly captivating.

“Windhound” is the third single off Pink Lint‘s forthcoming album to be released in October of this year. Go pay a visit to the project’s Facebook, Bandcamp, and official page to stay tuned for any future updates!

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