There’s doom – and then there’s Hellish Form.

I had the pleasure of reviewing their fantastic debut offering Remains here at Everything Is Noise, a record that, even to this day, is pulverizing as much as it is subliminal in its unique melodic placings throughout what’s essentially a demonstration of pure catharsis. Imagine, then, my excitement when I was let known that they were to release a second full-length and that EIN would be premiering a new single off of it. In an unsurprising move, I jumped in on the task at hand and, thus, here we are delighted to present to you the monolithic hymn to defiance that is “Deathless”, off their upcoming sophomore album of the same title.

With the record’s intent in addressing the ongoing violence against the trans community and acting as a ‘judgement of the purveyors of systemic transphobia and a balm to those suffering beneath its hold‘, “Deathless” provides a glimpse of the sheer resistance that will surely unfold throughout it. The track announces its entrance with cataclysmic horns, only heightened by their signature blend of crushing guitar strums and ethereal synths, leading way to a 12-minute taster of funeral and melodic doom excellence.

The emotional weight coupled with the sludge-tinged shrieks and instrumentals depicted on their debut are retained here, showcasing once more how the duo truly are a force to be reckoned with. The pacing never feels sluggish and their attention to melody still emits a chilling presence that keeps you invested until the track’s culmination. This time, however, the songwriting in general is more concise and polished, with a focus on soaring guitar leads and melancholic keys guiding the song towards a sonic high not unlike battle cries or even victory chants. There’s still a sullen and enraged demeanor to their sound, undoubtedly so, yet the way it is all laid out feels revelatory and with an energy that display nothing but resilience and determination.

Deathless will be released independently on March 31 on CD, cassette, and all digital platforms. Make sure to head over to the Hellish Form Bandcamp page to pre-order the album, and follow their Instagram and Facebook pages for any further updates.

If you or a loved one who is part of the LGBTQ+ community and currently requires immediate support, please find the following services here, here, and here.

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