Our connection with the digital world grows ever more intrinsic to our existence with each passing day. As the age of information tangles almost every aspect of our daily lives in twine, it is through such artistic expression as “Hi Res Vagueness” that we explore what it really means to be human in a world run on computers.

Following the release of Texture Droite‘s exemplary album Vibrant Pixel, which came out in 2020 via Slabnote Record and from which we premiered one of the singles back then, we are delighted to premiere the music video for “Hi Res Vagueness” – one of the stand out tracks of an already impressive release – for your viewing pleasure today. Beginning with an oscillation that blurs the lines between despondent and euphoric, the track grows into a pulsing circuit board of bips, whirs, and glitches that illustrate the intertextuality of the analogue and digital worlds. As a standalone work of IDM, the track is compelling in its use of minimalism to transport us into a synthetic and almost dystopian paradigm.

When added to the equally illustrative new music video, we begin to delve deeper into the complicated relationship between humanity and our dependence on technology. As the subject of the video dances among pixelated tableaux, we see ourselves navigating this peculiar and perplexing universe and ask ourselves whether this way of life is something to be embraced, or fought against.

As thought-provoking as it is sonically impeccable, this stands as a great introduction to Texture Droite. Being someone that is always on the look out for fresh IDM projects to embrace, I will be the first to further explore this elusive artist’s catalogue, and I wholeheartedly wish that you will do the same. You can check out Texture Droite on social media (Facebook | Instagram) for updates, and listen to Vibrant Pixel over on the Slabnote website.

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