Hello and welcome to another edition of ‘Everything Is Noise gushes over a premiere’. Today, we have a really exciting techno ear worm that serves expertly as background music to everyday activities or an incredible deep dive with a sound system or headphones up to some work. It is vibrant, packed full of textures and layered sounds that envelope you for five-and-a-half minutes.

“A Vibrant Touch Offff” is the first single from French artist Texture Droite to promote his new album Vibrant Pixel, which is slated to come out October 9 of this year. This first single carries with it the essence of this project – the contrast between minimalistic and heady melodies with deep albeit deep rhythmic passages. The granularity of short-lived floating sounds is balanced by optimistic ambience, pulling it all together into a thoughtful, singular experience. The song isn’t very long, but it makes five minutes feel like mere seconds because of the way it will pull you into the depths.

“A Vibrant Touch Offff” holds its beat steady, with rhythmically pounding bass backing the slowly swirling soundscapes. The sounds in the forefront range from memorable melodies to more ambient touches that ebb and flow in intensity. There is a powerful layer of industrial tones, leaving some moments of the song with a metallic edge, particularly in the last wind-up to the end.

If you are a fan of electronic music, especially techno that dances on the edges of trance with some industrial leaning, I can’t recommend this song enough. It’s exactly my cup of tea when I look for this style of music and I will definitely be looking forward to Vibrant Pixel when it releases on October 9. Be sure to give Texture Droite a follow across Facebook, Instagram, and his website for more info on singles and any preorder options as they come available!

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