Boy, do we have a nice premiere to share with you on this crispy Halloween day. It’s not spooky, but still fits the autumn season pretty well. Today, we bring you “Pyrophage” from Colombia’s Orizonta! It’s a neat, proggy delight that’s big on atmosphere and riffs, so you know it’s something I love.

The first thing that hits you is that heavy, pulsing ambiance. It’s clean and bassy, with synth hums accompanying it soon after. Once the rock instrumentation jumps in, you’re treated to soaring guitar melodies in the background that paint a wonderfully warm picture. The guitar leads build upon that post-rock-esque flair with djenty riffs that are powerful and driving, but never betray the delicacy of the other musical elements. These different tones interweave throughout the rest of the track, making room for solos and cathartic, slow breaks. Overall, a sweet song that brings to mind fallen leaves and bright streetlights in the calming nighttime.

Before you dig into “Pyrophage”, take some time for a little etymology. Orizonta means ‘horizon’ in Greek. The song’s title also has Greek origins with ‘pyro’ meaning ‘fire’, and ‘phage’ meaning ‘virus’. Put together, we have a fire virus, or perhaps just a virus that spread quickly like a fire. Cool, huh? It’s an intriguing title, and one that fits the record’s progressive structure well. Knowing this gives a little more flavor and context to the song, which I think is a nice touch!

Big thanks to Orizonta for entrusting us with helping premiere this lovely track. Please give them a follow on their brand new social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Surely the band will divulge details on new music very soon!

David Rodriguez

David Rodriguez

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