2019 is on track to be a banner year for metal and today’s premiere indicates that the hits are just going to keep coming. We’re pleased to bring you “The Circle” by progressive metallers, Mirthless. The track is taken from their upcoming LP, Reaped Upon Reflection which releases April 26! This track wastes no time at all throwing you right into the fray with impressive riffage and vocals of equal quality. Check the song below!

Fans of technical leaning progressive metal should definitely take note! “The Circle” is a testament that good songwriting is noticeable, regardless of genre or style. The instrumentation, vocals, and aggression are all here in spades, but what makes this track great is the focus on narrative and composition. It breathes, ebbs, flows, and rips through its three-minute run time, and leaves me wanting more. What a great track! This is the final track on the Reaped Upon Reflection so it seems that Mirthless won’t be taking their foot off of the accelerator even at the end of the tracklist.

Reaped Upon Reflection is available to pre-order now in a variety of formats so hit this link to get your copy secured! Be sure to follow Mirthless on Facebook and Instagram, and feel free to peruse their Bandcamp page for their past releases too! 

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