Hey, Happy Turkey Day, everyone! Everything Is Noise thought we’d provide you with some great music to chill you out after you run through a gauntlet of stress eating an entire plate of mashed potatoes, hiding your bloodshot eyes from your grandma after you take a ‘walk’ with your cousins, and running through 48 different scenarios in your head that would justify you challenging your drunk uncle to fisticuffs. Family, am I right?

Anyway, peep game. Switzerland cradles a gem of an artist by the name of Liam Maye, a young newcomer to the world of pop music. He has an EP coming out tomorrow, Friday, November 29, but we have it ready to listen to in full right here, right now! It’s a lovely piece called Overthinker and we think you’re gonna like it.

Before I get into my thoughts, it’s only fair Maye gets his chance to contextualize his work in his own words:

‘The idea behind Overthinker was born during a difficult phase in my life when I was forced to make a decision in order to change things for the better. However, the inner pressure made me feel limited in my judgement and so I was afraid to make the wrong decision. As a result, I began to rack my brains about it and suddenly I found myself in a spiral of thoughts with no way out.’

Amen to that, Liam. In keeping with that theme, Overthinker is comfortably relatable while also sounding wise beyond its years. Snappy synth stylings shimmy their way into “Note To Self” to create a very likable and dance-ready beat. “Take It All” is admirable with its muted hums and gentle guitar. “Something New” finishes up the project with another delicate approach that’s spacious and warm, an anthemic finish that feels just right. All throughout, Maye croons deeply and emotionally these turns of introspection and reflection that come with age. “To Tame A Tiger” mixes things up with a spoken word that hits these notes poetically and succinctly as well.

It’s interesting to note that when Maye was writing songs for what would become this project, he actually outlined around 30 ideas, noting ‘I really put everything of myself into every word, every sound, every melody, every chord, every little detail of those songs and I hope people will feel that and can connect with my songs.’ With how these songs were formed and executed, the authenticity is palpable.

Please do throw Liam Maye a like over on Facebook and a follow on Instagram. You can also enjoy two music videos, one for “Note To Self” and the other for “Take It All”, over on his YouTube channel. Be sure to pre-save Overthinker on your favorite streaming service via his official website as well!

David Rodriguez

David Rodriguez

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