If you are a fan of hardcore music and have yet to hear the Canadian outfit Minors and their 2017 Holy Roar Records debut album Atrophy, then you are definitely missing out. Fortunately, late is better than never, and on February 22, 2019, hardcore lovers will get another chance to embark on a noisy, sludge-fueled journey into the depths of bleak despair with Abject Bodies.

Holy Roar are taking pre-orders for the album here. It is available on LP/CD/DD, with LP and CD releases receiving only a limited run. To promote the launch, Minors have released a video for “Flesh Prison”, their first single off of Abject Bodies. Watch the video below for a taste of what’s in store for us.

If this disturbing video makes you lose some sleep at night, well, that is understandable. According to the band, the video is based around vocalist Jesse’s affliction with chronic sleep paralysis. Musically, the band does a great job painting a similar atmosphere. The alternation between crushing sludge riffs and fast-paced hardcore laced with noisy feedback is the same formula Minors gave listeners with Atrophy, and is fair cause for excitement. Fans of Converge, Cursed, and d-beats should be all over this album!

Abject Bodies Tracklist:

1. Abject Bodies
2. Consumed
3. Meanderist
4. Flesh Prison
5. Boneyard
6. Erode
7. Garden of Dismalism


Keep up with Minors on Facebook for further album information, tour dates, etc. Check out their music on Bandcamp and prepare yourselves for Abject Bodies on February 22!

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