One-man jazz fusion prog purveyor Glass Skies is back with a silky smooth playthrough of his latest track “The World in Numbers”. It follows on from his equally sublime playthrough for “Mask”, which we premiered in 2015.

Anyone familiar with the work of Glass Skies, aka Oscar Hall, will know that he likes to visit a funkier, more upbeat and experimental side of modern prog metal, as demonstrated perfectly in this new song. “The World in Numbers” is an effortlessly vibrant piece of music, which, for all of its technical flair, is also surprisingly catchy. The melody in the middle of the song is a dreamy and merrily evocative progression, which instills a potent replay factor. You may find yourself listening to this a number of times.


The song and video also serves as a build up to the upcoming release of Glass Skies‘ debut full-length album, Exponential Existential. It will be the first feature-length release from Glass Skies in the four years that Oscar Hall has been bringing out music under this pseudonym. The album is coming, hopefully sooner rather than later.

Stay tuned for more details on when Exponential Existential will be released. In the meantime, visit the Glass Skies Bandcamp page and YouTube channel. For news and all other information, visit the official Facebook page.

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