It’s been over a year since we premiered a song by Gina Été. Back then it was her political single “Mauern”, which was an homage to the wall in between Mexico and the USA. Now, the Swiss singer and artist is back with a new music video for “Londres”, a song that is similarly experimental, but sounds so different due to its ensemble.

The video was shot on November 24 during a unique and sold out concert at Urania Theater in Cologne with Été’s very own orchestra. Consisting of ten strings, two french horns, two trumpets, two trombones, drum electronics, a double bass, electric guitar, and singer Faira, the ensemble creates a very intimate, intense, and unique sound.

The song itself was released as a single on February 28, while this live version follows. Somewhere in between experimental jazz, classical music, and alternative pop, “Londres” affects an ethereal experience. There’s a lot of different elements that make this song, and especially this version, so exciting. The interplay of the several instruments comes with a very mysterious sounding vibe and a mesmerizing atmosphere.

Especially within its dynamics, “Londres” really know how to create tension. The quirky, tricky electronic drum beat makes it slightly hard to follow a certain rhythm, while Gina Été’s vocals are the focus to grasp. Though the studio version of “Londres” is worth checking it out, too, this live version has a very new and refreshing sound to the song. The ending of the video shows how much applause the ensemble gets. The reason for this is definitely the flawless performance of this uncompromisingly extraordinary composition.

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