Are you ready to listen to some music that might get you out of your comfort zone? Gina Été is a viola and piano player that sings in four different languages while focusing on political matters with her diverse pop. This being said, Gina Été takes you on a wild ride in between progressive rock, ethereal jazz, and synth-drowned dream-pop elements. Make sure to take a listen to “Mauern”.

About the song

The song was recorded in San Francisco and is the first of four singles released. “Mauern” literally means walls in German and is a homage to California and the outstanding US government. The video was shot as true journalistic material at the border of Mexico, telling a story of a man who has to flee and goes on an unexpected journey.  The song also features some very experimental aspects and an interesting band with having a double bass, drums, guitars, and the very soft, but sometimes slightly aggressive voice of Gina Été. In the song’s chorus, she really creates a reminiscence to Germans The Hirsch Effekt with her wide-layered vocals. Her phrasing is close to what guitarist and singer Nils Wittrock does. While the verse has a very weird jazz-influenced prog rock structure she also incorporates some radio voices that add some more experimental vibes.

The chord progressions and structure in “Mauern” really keep this song very interesting and diverse. It might be out of your box, but make sure to listen to this track. Especially if you are into experimental music and feel compelled by that Hirsch Effekt comparison. The video also is very worthy and gets wilder, when the music does. Lyrically the whole song catches up with the immigrant situation between the US and Mexico. It directly refers to the wall, initiated by the US government.

The band originates in France, Germany, and Switzerland, while not stating a clear central location. Make sure to follow Gina Été on her social platforms (Facebook | Instagram) and visit her website!

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