I’ve definitely said this before (probably more than once), but premieres at Everything Is Noise are incredibly fun. For me, picking up a premiere to write a few words about is a surefire way of introducing something new to my ears and usually sends me searching for more from the featured artist. Thankfully, Sounds Of New Soma have provided this week’s spark and have a serious back catalogue to dive into (after you’ve digested today’s premiere, of course). The duo are preparing to release their eleventh album, Musique Bizzare, and we are delighted to share the track and video for “Balkenspirale” off that very album right here at Everything Is Noise.

“Balkenspirale” is as other-worldly as its title suggests, an eight-and-a-half minute psychedelic trip with some oriental and jazz flavourings. Featuring input from The Spacelords, the track is built on a funky drum and bass combination, allowing the electronics and wah-soaked guitars to float freely throughout. There are a few moments where the rhythm sections drop out and give the piece some room to breathe, but despite numerous listens I seem to completely miss these moments until the drum and bass returns, such is the trance that Sounds Of New Soma have pulled me into. The visual accompaniment certainly helps this, with hypnotic colours and moving art perfectly complementing the music. As the first track I have heard from Sounds Of New Soma, “Balkenspirale” certainly whets the appetite for the upcoming album.

For those who enjoyed the sounds of “Balkenspirale” and want to keep an eye and an ear on future Sounds Of New Soma happenings, make sure to follow the band on Facebook and keep an eye on the Bandcamp page for future releases and to take in the many previous albums. Thankfully, we don’t have long to wait for more, with Musique Bizzare due for full release May 25, 2022, via Tonzonen Records, and you can pre-order your copy right now via the label website.

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